How to dance in a club girl?

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How to dance in a club girl?

On the dancefloors of fashionable clubs, young people move as they like, without observing strict rules. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, as well as get great pleasure from the dance, then you need to learn the basics of club dancing. Our article will tell you how to dance in a club for a girl.

Preparation for dance classes

  • If you are new to dancing, then classes in specialized dance schools will help you learn how to move to music. Dance classes will not only brighten your everyday life and will help you make new acquaintances, but also will bring your body into shape. Teachers will teach you to move beautifully and sexually, help you to become more relaxed and more self-confident;
  • Club dances for girls include such directions as RNB, GO-GO, hip-hop, funk, jazz. Almost all choreographic studios have trial lessons. Sign up for interesting directions and decide what style you would like to learn to apply dance skills in clubs.In addition, many dance schools arrange open doors. Having come to the studio on such a day, you will be able to participate absolutely free of charge at all dance lessons;
  • In order to learn how to dance to club music, a two-week course of two hours a day will be enough. Of course, you will not become a professional in such a short period of time, but you will gain plasticity and a sense of rhythm;
  • For those who do not want to spend money and time on training in dance studios, there are many video lessons on the Internet. This method is absolutely free and available to everyone. Moreover, you can choose a teacher to your taste by reviewing the necessary lessons. Exercise at home is necessary in front of a mirror, controlling every movement;
  • In addition to classes at home or in dance schools, attend clubs and practice dancing there. The main rule is to be relaxed and not be shy. In addition to you around dozens of dancing people who were able to overcome their constraints. Moving to the music in a nightclub, do not think how to dance properly: listen to music, connect emotions and enjoy the process;
  • While dancing, listen to the music and feel the rhythm. More improvise and try to differ in their movements from those around them;
  • To make your body fit and you look beautiful on the dance floor, go to the gym or take time to charge and stretch. Periodically go to the pool, and also allocate an hour a day for regular hiking.

Learning to dance

  1. Before you enroll in a dance studio or begin self-study, evaluate your plasticity. Stand in front of the mirror and start moving your hips, leaving your arms, shoulders and legs motionless. If during this occupation all parts of the body are involved in the movement, then you will have to work on yourself and devote more time to training.
  2. During training, pay attention to each part of your body. The beauty of the dance depends on the amplitude of the movements: a small amplitude gives femininity, tenderness, elegance and ease to the dance, and a large one - looseness, courage, energy and expression.
  3. In addition to educational videos, music videos of popular artists will help you. Turn on your favorite music channel and try to repeat the movement behind the dancer.
  4. It is best to try to dance to different music. So you can determine for yourself what style you get better, and develop skills in this area. Change the pace and movement, improvise and show imagination. Remember that dancing is primarily the art of expressing yourself.
  5. Go to a nightclub and watch the people dancing. Note for yourself which movements can be borrowed and which ones should not be repeated in any way.
  6. Dancing in the club, adjust to the music and your mood. The main thing in dance is to completely relax and get away from problems. Do not think about what you can look at. And if you look - it means you are doing well.
  7. Try to keep your movements plastic and graceful.
  8. Dancing in nightclubs is, above all, recreation. Enjoy the process and do not forget to smile.