How to dance ballet?

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How to dance ballet?

Ballet is a high level dance art that has been around for several hundred years. Find out more about the ballet will help our article What is "ballet". It is not easy to dance ballet, as it requires from the performer not only grace and elegance, but also perseverance, physical endurance and patience. In order to learn how to dance ballet, it is best to enroll in a ballet class or hire an experienced tutor. If there is a desire to do it yourself, then you need to do it regularly, with full dedication. How to dance ballet correctly, and will be discussed further.

How to dance ballet: basic exercises

Even ballet dancers can learn to dance ballet. After all, even amateur ballet dance classes will help develop muscle strength and flexibility, improve posture and coordination of movements. Learning ballet is impossible without daily repetition of the following exercises:

  1. Stretch marks. They need to be done in order to prepare the muscles for the load, to reduce the risk of injury later.Stretching exercises must be done both at the very beginning of the lesson and at the end.
  2. Learning the six basic ballet positions of the legs - most of the exercises are based on them.
  3. Squats. Novice dancers should do them in the first and second positions, and more experienced in the fourth and fifth positions.
  4. Performing at the machine main complex of ballet movements.

These basic movements include:

  • demi-plie - squatting and lifting;
  • batman - movement (forward, backward or sideways) of the working leg;
  • tandyu batman - stretching the working leg;
  • batte zhete - swing your foot with a 45 ° throw;
  • Grand Batman Zhete - swing a foot with a large throw of 90 °;
  • Relave - lifting on the fingers or toes.

Exercises should be performed to the music, which corresponds to the movements in tempo and rhythm.

Tips for beginner dancers

  1. Do not immediately stand on the pointe shoes - this can lead to herbs stop. In order to get up on the pointe shoes, you need to have a strong, trained body, and most importantly, it is good to master the dance technique.
  2. Engage in a calm mood: stress will affect the body, noticeably holding down movement.
  3. Do ballet only if you are physically healthy: ballet is contraindicated for diseases of the bones, muscles, cardiovascular system.

Knowing how to dance ballet, and learning this wonderful art, you can easily master many other types of dance, because for people with ballet training, most movements are very easy.