How to cut ceiling plinth?

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How to cut ceiling plinth?

The ceiling plinth is a modern finishing material that is glued to the corners between the ceiling and the walls. Thanks to him, you can easily hide the unevenly hung wallpaper on the ceiling or any gaps. However, in the process of gluing the ceiling plinth, many do not even think about how to properly cut the ceiling plinth.

When in the process of repair it comes to sticking the ceiling plinth, trimming its corners is the most important point here. With smooth walls, of course, no difficulties will arise, but when the walls are not straight, you will need to work hard to ensure that each angle corresponds to the desired degree. And for this you need to measure and cut it. To do everything right, you will need to stock up:

  • corner;
  • office knife;
  • ruler;
  • ceiling plinth.

How to cut a ceiling plinth: tips

  • In order to cut the corners of the baseboard as accurately as possible, it is necessary, first of all, to measure the corners of the room.This is done as follows: take a corner, apply it to the upper corner of the wall, right under the ceiling. Typically, the angle is approximately 90 °. If the value turned out to be less, then the corners in your apartment are uneven and you will have to try to fit the baseboard.
  • After measuring the angles, take a ceiling plinth and apply a ruler to it at an angle of 45 °. All that is superfluous, you can safely cut off with a clerical knife. Repeat the same with the second segment. If you use ceiling skirting with more durable materials (wood, plastic, etc.), then it is better not to cut it with a stationery knife, but with a hacksaw or jigsaw.
  • After that, it is necessary to attach the cut parts to the corners and check whether everything is suitable and whether the correct angle is cut off. If so, you can apply glue and stick them to the wall.
  • In the event that you have irregular angles, you must accurately measure the angle and divide the resulting value in half. This way you will get the desired cut angle for the baseboard. For example, if the angle in your room is 86 °, then the cut-off angle of the plinth will be 43 °.

How to cut the corners of the ceiling plinth: block

To skirting for external and internal corners was cut correctly, you need to use a special fixture called the "miter box". This box, which makes it possible to cut the ceiling plinth at an angle of 45 °. By purchasing it, you will save a lot of time and material.

To cut the ceiling plinth with the help of the body, you just need to insert the baseboard into the special slots on the body and cut it with a stationery knife. To the edges were not torn, before trimming the plinth is pressed, and after it is treated with fine-grained emery paper. For internal corners, the plinth is cut with the aid of the sheet at an acute angle, and for external corners - at an obtuse angle.

For newbies

If you have little experience in this area, then for a start it is better to practice on small unnecessary pieces. Also well suited to learn how to cut the ceiling plinth, video, in which you all show and tell in detail. As they say, it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. The video will also help if you do not quite understand what external or internal corners are and how to cut them. This video can be viewed below.