How to curl hair?

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How to curl hair?

Not all women know how to curl their hair. Often ladies make mistakes that can lead to deterioration of the hair. And instead of beautiful curls you can get a shock of naughty curls, which then have to be treated for a long time.

The main ways to create curls

To get started, you should still choose for yourself the best and, most importantly, safe option for curling hair.

  1. Perm. This is the most durable option, but also the most unsafe. To resort to this method is only a professional master who can choose the optimal composition and not exactly overexpose on the hair. But a further condition will be a further makeup of the hair, since their structure will be greatly disrupted. But curls will stay for long months.
  2. Curling iron Quick and affordable. You can quickly create beautiful waves even before going to work; this procedure does not take much time. But often it is not worth resorting to it, since hot metal does not act in the best way on the hair.
  3. Hair curlers, papilotki, hairpins.We can say that this is one of the safest ways to curl hair. Here, the curls dry out naturally without the use of reagents. In addition, by varying adaptations, you can create large waves and small curls, as your soul desires. Only here to sleep on such devices is not always convenient.
  4. Pigtails. A simple and convenient way to create wavy hair. Yes, and you can safely braid on the night. They will not interfere with sleep, but during the night they will dry out completely and they will produce sufficiently persistent “volnushushki”.

Rules for curling hair

Unfortunately, ladies do not always curl their hair correctly, considering that special knowledge is not needed here. And meanwhile, it is possible to make the perm more simple and convenient, and the result is more resistant.

  1. Do not curl your hair while it is wet. It is better to do this with wet or almost dry hair. So it will be more convenient, and dry faster.
  2. To make the waves stable, you can useHow to curl hairspecial means. Afraid to apply purchased? You can mix lemon juice with water and moisten it with hair before curling.
  3. Curling hair is worth starting from the forehead to the back of the head. And then you can go to the curls on the sides.If it is not clear how to do this, you can watch a video on how to curl your hair, and everything will become very clear.
  4. When winding hair on curlers, papilotku or the like, the strand should be kept perpendicular to the head. It is necessary to twist the hair until the curlers touch the head. But too tight, too, is not necessary, so as not to damage the roots.
  5. It is necessary to dissolve hair only when they are completely dry. It is advisable not to use the hair dryer. It is better to wait for natural drying.
  6. After removing the curlers should not use a comb, so as not to spoil the waves. It is better to separate the strands with your fingers.

All these rules are quite simple, and following them will help you to create a beautiful hairstyle without harm to hair.