How to cure a sore throat?

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How to cure a sore throat?

If your throat is suddenly reddened, ached, you feel pain and soreness in it, do not rush to take medicines bought at the pharmacy. You can count on quick help by applying a few simple, popular recipes tested by time. How to cure a sore throat at home and quickly, we will tell in this article.

Treatment recipes

  1. Heat the milk, but do not boil it. In a glass of milk, add a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of butter (or better - ghee). The oil should completely melt. Stir well. Drink hot and shallow (or through a straw).
  2. The usual table salt - a tablespoon - is dissolved, stirring, in a glass of warm water. You can use sea salt, it is even more effective. Rinse your throat with hot solution every hour. Sore throat goes away in one day.
  3. Chilean red hot peppers are very effective. It contains substances that promote blood circulation. No wonder the Mayans used it in combination with chocolate to achieve an ecstatic state.But it is not necessary for us, the main thing is to quickly cure the neck. For the procedure, take a quarter of a spoonful of chilli powder and mix in a glass of hot water. Gargle with this solution once every hour. This is a rather tough but effective method.
  4. Unrefined sunflower oil when rinsing has a wonderful effect. It has antiseptic properties. With the help of vegetable oil, even a sore throat can be cured!
  5. Propolis, the size of a match head, put in your mouth, do not swallow, but dissolve it until completely dissolved. Gargle with propolis tincture (a few drops in a glass of hot water).