How to create a girl?

Nowadays not only boys, but also girls are addicted to computer games. Young ladies most often want to lie for female characters and even create them themselves. You can create a girl in a variety of different games. Let's take a closer look at some of them and consider how to do this.

Game "Create your own girl Equestria"

  1. Go in.
  2. Click "Play".
  3. Choose "Body". Here we select the eye color (Ege color) and skin color (Skin color).
  4. Click on the red arrow in the upper left corner to return to the menu.
  5. Select the item "Hair". Clicking on the arrows you can choose a hairstyle, and lower hair color.
  6. We return to the menu. Click "Shirt", choose a T-shirt or a sundress and a color for it.
  7. Back to menu. Select "Pants". Choose a skirt or shorts and color for them. If you chose a dress in the "Shirt" section, then at this point you cannot choose a skirt.
  8. In the menu, select "Shoes". We decide on the model and color of shoes.
  9. In the menu, select "Extras", where we solve the issue with accessories for the girl.
  10. The image of a girl Equestria created. Now you can choose a background image, that is, the place where the girl will be in this outfit. To do this, click on the tree.

Game "Create your perfect girl"

The ideal girl for everyone will have their own, for someone it's a mulatto, for someone blonde with any skin color. The same with the style of clothes. You can create an image of the perfect girl in your own style.

  1. In the "Top" choose blouse.
  2. Clicking on the "Botton" we determine the skirt.
  3. Going from the menu to the section "Hair" choose a hairstyle.
  4. In the section "Shoes" - we wear.
  5. Clicking "Accessories" - we select the jewelry.
  6. The image of the perfect girl is ready.

You can create images of girls in other games, for example, you can create,, even.

Creating an image of a girl in GTA Online

Everyone knows about the legendary game GTA. So, in the fifth part of the legendary game, the developers added the ability to play with other players on the network, this is called the GTA Online case. If you are a happy owner of a gaming console, then before starting the game, create your character, namely, boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. We go into the game and click "Select Hero".
  2. In this section, click "Create a new hero."
  3. Choose "Heredity". Skin type, facial features, dominant genes, and propensity for something received from a father or mother. Here we also choose the gender of the hero, in our case we create the image of a girl.
  4. Select the "Type of activity", that is what the character will do in everyday life.
  5. In the "Appearance" section we make final adjustments, that is, age, hairstyle, headgear and accessories.
  6. The girl is ready for the game.

In such simple ways you can create an image of a girl in the most popular games. There are many different options and each one is unique.