How to cook spaghetti?

Ivan Kabanets
Ivan Kabanets
July 16, 2012
How to cook spaghetti?

This article will help those who do not know how to cook spaghetti or pasta, so that they are tasty and nourishing.

How to cook spaghetti? It is believed that they reach full readiness at maximum cooking and preserving their form. However, Italian cuisine prefers spaghetti “Al Dente” undercooked, hardy inside.

For proper preparation of pasta, some experience and intuition are necessary, since each type of pasta has different sizes, different quality of dough and, as a result, different times required for preparation. Of course, on the packaging often indicates the time required for preparation, but, it does not always correspond to reality. So, from the first time, you are unlikely to make a paste that is amazing in taste and quality.

Actually, the recipe.


  • Spaghetti - half packs (in a pack of 450 grams),
  • Salt - one and a half tablespoons,
  • Water - 3.5 liters,
  • Butter - 50-100 grams.

How to cook spaghetti

Fill the water in a deep pan.You should not regret water - in this case, more will be better than less. Especially when it comes to domestic products.

Boil water and add salt. Salt is calculated from the volume of water in the pan, and not the mass of the original product - half a spoon per liter of water.

Spaghetti throw in boiling water and mix so that they do not stick together among themselves.

Then close the pot and bring to a boil. This moment needs to be caught - as soon as the foam rises under the lid - remove the lid and reduce the heat to a minimum, again mixing the pasta well. Then return the lid to the pan, leaving the last half-open.

From this moment begins the main process of cooking, which usually takes from 4 to 15 minutes. It is best to periodically try pasta, so as not to miss the point at which they reach the desired consistency.

Sometimes you need to rinse spaghetti with boiling water, however, if you did not save water and used quality products, there is no need to rinse.

Once the pasta has reached the desired consistency, drain the water through a colander. Then put them on a plate and pour with butter, which, if desired, can be pre-melted.

Spaghetti ready.