How to cook scallops?

Bivalves belong to the seafood, most often used in the restaurant kitchen. One of the best representatives of this family is considered to be the scallop, whose meat has an exquisite, slightly sweet taste and smells like the freshness of the sea. Scallops are especially popular in Japan and France, they are still quite rare guests at our tables, so many housewives simply do not know how to cook scallops and how to choose them when buying. Sea scallops can be fried, baked, boiled for cooking eat raw. Let's talk about these methods in more detail.

How to cook scallops in fried

In addition to the pound packing of scallop meat, you will need two cloves of garlic, a bunch of parsley, half a lemon and olive oil. Finely chop the parsley, squeeze the garlic into it and add five spoons of butter to it. Mix everything well. Open the thawed package of scallops meat, put them in the cooked marinade, cover with cling film and refrigerate for about half an hour.Then take a deep frying pan, pour oil into it and heat it well. Put the scallops in the pan and fry them for a couple of minutes on each side. Put the finished scallops on a dish, pour with lemon juice and garnish with parsley leaves.

How to cook scallops baked in shells.

A kilogram of fresh sea scallops should be washed well, open the valves, remove the mollusks from the shells and clean them well from all residues inside the shells - all that matters is a column of white meat and a bag of bright orange caviar (if present). When the improvised plates are cleaned and rinsed, they should be placed on a baking sheet, each scallop should be placed on the scallop and put the baking sheet in a well-heated oven for five minutes. During this time, the mollusks will make juice, which must be drained from the shells, and instead of it, add to each scallop a half-spoon of garlic oil, prepared from one hundred grams of butter, ground with a pinch of salt and two to three crushed garlic cloves. After that, a baking sheet with shells should be another few minutes to send in the oven. Serve scallops on the table should be right in the shells, sprinkled them for the beauty of finely chopped green onions.

How to boil scallops

For cooking scallops salads are often boiled. This is done quite simply. Thawed scallops meat is immersed in boiling salted water and boiled after boiling for only one minute, then the water is drained, and the prepared meat is poured into a colander and allowed to cool completely.

How to eat scallops in raw form

Sometimes fresh scallops are eaten raw. Pre-cut them into thin slices, pepper, salt and sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil. In addition to this method, there is another recipe for eating fresh scallops. Slices of scallops are watered with soy sauce, a little sesame oil is added to them and served as such on the table.

How to choose scallops

In order for a purchase to be successful, you need to know that:

  • Scallops come to the trading network in fresh or canned form, as well as frozen. Frozen scallops can be packaged in vacuum bags or sold by weight. Loose scallops are the cheapest, but at the same time the least tasty of all the others.
  • Frozen scallops are sold in two forms - entirely with a sink, or one pure meat.Whole scallops should be taken if you plan to serve them on a table laid in the shell, as is customary in restaurants.
  • If you are going to eat raw scallops, like a real gourmet, you only need to buy live scallops, or fresh ones, stored on ice for no more than three days.
  • Thawed scallops must be defrosted immediately before cooking, without opening the vacuum package, either at room temperature or by lowering the bag in cold water.