How to cook milk?

May 26, 2014
How to cook milk?

Boiled milk is very tasty and like many, but in order for it to bring maximum benefit, it must be properly cooked. Let's find out how to boil milk and why it should be done at all.

How to cook milk: tips

  1. Pick up an enameled pan or a large stainless steel container, preferably with a thick or double bottom.
  2. To prevent the milk from burning, it is recommended to rinse the container with cold water before cooking.
  3. To prevent the milk from boiling away, you can put a special ceramic “hut” (sold at a hardware store) at the bottom of the container or grease the walls of the container from the inside with fat or butter.
  4. Milk is better to boil over low heat, stirring constantly. When boiling over high heat, a lot of nutrients and vitamins are lost.
  5. Until now, there is no consensus about how much time you need to cook milk. Some say that you need to boil for 10-15 minutes to get rid of all harmful substances, others argue that it is enough to bring to a light boil.Most believe that as soon as the milk starts to boil slightly, the stove can be turned off. In digested milk, calcium and phosphorus vary greatly in structure, and the body cannot assimilate them; milk fat floats and the protein burns.
  6. If it so happens that the milk has burned, the situation can be corrected. Burnt milk should be immediately poured into another pan, which should be placed in a container with cold water, while in the milk itself it is better to add a little salt and stir (to avoid unpleasant odor).

Why do I need to boil milk

There are several reasons for this.

  • If you buy fresh milk from cow owners on the market, you must boil it to destroy harmful bacteria, since you sell raw milk. If you buy milk in factory packages in a store, then it is not necessary to boil it, since it has already passed the necessary pasteurization and sterilization.
  • Boiled milk is useful for colds. Hot milk with a spoon of honey is a great way to fight infection.
  • If you suffer from insomnia or can not calm down before bedtime, it’s enough to drink a glass of hot milk for the night.
  • To prolong the freshness of milk, you can boil it periodically - it will be better and last longer.

Now you know how and why to boil milk. If desired, other ingredients can be added to boiled milk to give it a special taste and aroma. For example, it can be jam, honey, cinnamon.