How to cook leek?

Among vegetables, onion is deservedly popular, because it is difficult to do without it, preparing delicious dishes. Onion varieties are numerous, but the most interesting among them, of course, is leek. Due to its beneficial properties, it is widely used as the main ingredient in many recipes for various dishes. Consider what is useful this sort of onions, as well as how to cook leeks.

Useful properties of onions

A large amount of calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and masses of various vitamins that are contained in leucum, stimulate the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. The leek contains many essential oils that, without irritating the digestive organs, stimulate the formation of gastric juice. Leek has an amazing ability to accumulate vitamin C. When stored for several months in dried onions, the amount of this vitamin increases more than 2 times!

The use of leeks

One of the main advantages of the onion-lesion, unlike ordinary onions, is that it is absolutely not bitter. Fragrant and delicate in taste, it is very low-calorie and at the same time perfectly satisfies hunger. Therefore, many of those who follow the slimness of their figure, give this vegetable their preference and know many recipes how to cook leeks.

If you want to give your dish a delicate onion taste and aroma, feel free to choose for this purpose leeks, it is ideal for this. In many recipes, it is recommended to use only the light part of the onion, but the green finely chopped feathers are perfect for any soups, they will give them an appetizing look and a piquant taste.

Leek prepare a variety of salads and soups. It is added to various fillings for mushroom, meat or vegetable pies or pies, separately fried, pickled and preserved. Leek goes well with fried or boiled fish, as well as with all meat dishes.

Leek Recipes

Here are a few recipes simple, but very tasty and healthy dishes. So, consider what to cook with leeks, so that it was tasty, and it took little time to prepare the dish.

Spring Salad

Cut into thin rings peeled and washed white leek stem, pour into a salad bowl, three medium-sized apples, mix half a lemon with the zest and pour 50 ml. olive oil.Mix the ingredients and serve the salad to the table.

Salad "Gentle"

On a round dish lay layers of sliced ​​onions, chopped apples, grated eggs and cheese. Cover with a layer of mayonnaise and put the salad for a couple of hours in a cool place so that it becomes saturated.

Soup "Onion with cheese and bacon"

Fry sliced ​​pork fat into thin slices until crispy brown crust and remove from the dish. In the resulting fat lay out shredded leek rings and simmer until smooth, stirring constantly. Salt the onion puree, fill with water and cook for about an hour.

White dried loaf cut into 14-18 slices, sprinkle with grated cheese, pour half a spoonful of cream, add a few slices of fried lard and spread into clay pots by the number of diners. Fill the “sandwiches” with half the pots and fill them with onion soup. We put for a few minutes in a moderately heated oven and serve.

Stuffed Leek

Finely shred 1 onion, three 1 carrot and fry in oil until ruddy. Boil half a cup of long grain rice until half cooked and mix with roasted vegetables. Add 0, 45 kg. any minced meat, salt, sprinkle with spices and mix thoroughly.

The washed white part of the leek stem is divided into individual leaves. Spread a spoonful of minced meat in each sheet and roll it up. We spread on the pan, pour sour cream and simmer for about a quarter of an hour.

This is only a small part of the dishes from this tasty and very healthy vegetable. Experiment and create your company recipes for cooking leeks, surprising your friends and guests with the unusual savory taste of new dishes! Enjoy your meal!