How to cook a pizza with four cheeses

There was a time when pizza was a simple dish of ordinary people in Italy. However, now it is one of the most famous in the world and popular among all strata of the population dishes of Italian cuisine. At home, you can prepare a simple version of this dish, using products that are at hand. Typically, stuffing for homemade pizza becomes sausage, cheese, tomatoes, tomato sauce. But you can cook more “Italian” pizza called “Quatro Formagio”. This name in its native language sounds like four cheeses.
 How to make four pizza cheeses
Flour and cheeses produced in Italy differ from domestic products, however, observing the principles of pizza making four cheeses, you can cook it yourself in the home kitchen. Traditionally, the following cheeses are used for Quattro formaggio:
  • blue mold dor blue;
  • hard parmesan;
  • mozzarella with soft second texture;.
  • sweet Maasdam
All these cheeses are not a problem to find in shops.Even if they are produced not in Italy, but at domestic dairy plants, homemade pizza four cheeses are very tasty. If any cheese is not on sale, you can pick up any other cheese with similar characteristics. To make pizza four cheeses at home:
  • mozzarelli 60 g ;
  • blue cheese 60 g;
  • Parmesan cheese or any hard cheese 30 g
  • cheese maased or casket 60 g .
 How to make four cheese pizza of sugar 10 g;
  • yeast 7 grams
  • 1. Despite the fact that you can find a ready basis for pizza on the market, it's better to cook the dough for yourself on your own. To do this, knead a simple yeast dough in water with the addition of a small amount of butter. Olive is preferable, but you can take any odorless vegetable oil. To prepare the dough, put sugar, salt and yeast into warm water. Pour in the oil and add flour. Knead the dough. Leave the pizza dough for 40 minutes in a warm place.
    How to make four cheese pizza
    2. Grate grated parmesan or any hard cheese.
     How to make four cheese pizza
    3. Mozzarella to break hands or cut.
    How to make pizza four cheeses
    4. Blue cheese to break into small pieces.
     How to make four cheese pizza
    5. Grate on a large grater Maazdam or cheese casket.
    How to make four cheese pizza
    6. Roll the dough. This should be done as thinly as possible.
     How to make four cheese pizza
    7. It is desirable that the basis for pizza four cheese was not thicker than 4-5 mm.
    How to make four cheese pizza
    8.Scatter the grated parmesan on the whole pizza base.
     How to make four cheese pizza
    9. Spread mozzarella pieces and blue cheese.
    How to make pizza four cheeses
    10. Sprinkle all over with maazdam or cheese casket. You can add a pinch of dry oregano, which in Italy is called oregano.
    How to make pizza four cheeses
    11. Heat the oven to + 190. Put the four cheese pizza baking tray inside. After about 12–15 minutes, the homemade pizza with four kinds of cheese is ready.
    How to make pizza four cheeses