How to connect via Bluetooth (Bluetooth) Internet?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
February 14, 2013
How to connect via Bluetooth (Bluetooth) Internet?

The technology is developing at such a rapid pace that we, ordinary people, cannot keep pace with all its new products. At first we were surprised by large cell phones, then they began to decrease, and their functionality began to increase. Then they could be used to access the Internet, then Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) and Bluetooth technologies appeared. But how to connect these technologies, how to connect the Internet via bluetooth? About this in detail in our article.

For this manipulation you will need software, Launch Manager, bluetooth drivers and IVT Bluesoleil.

Where to begin

Download the necessary utility and launch it (Launch Manager). To do this, download it from the Internet and run Setup.exe. When installing, specify the folder in which you will install the program. Then restart the computer.

Then turn on your bluetooth, install all the drivers. The necessary drivers are usually attached to the device, if you do not have them, then it is possible to find them on the Internet.Usually, under the name of bluetooth, you will find an official company, there are programs for their manufactured devices free of charge.

After that, install a program that can work together with a bluetooth adapter. As soon as you install it, immediately set it up! To do this, put a tick on all offers, but from the setup wizard, refuse.

Configuring the modem

To do this, go to "My Computer", then in the "Properties". There will be a “Hardware” tab, followed by the “Device Manager” of your computer. There you will see a bluetooth device. Click on its properties. Go to the "Advanced Communication Settings", there we write the initialization string received from the operator. Write everything correctly, otherwise it is possible to block the connection.

Launch the Bluetooth environment. This shortcut will be on your desktop computer. After that, connect to your phone (through which Internet connection will go). Go through the registration procedure (authentication). You must enter either four units or "1234"

Better use Dial-Up Networking. Run this program, enter the required username and password (check with the operator). After that we go into the properties and click on the Bluetooth modem, also indicate the number of your connection, perhaps it will be: asterisk, nine, nine, lattice.Further in the “Parameters” we activate the display of the connection progress, remove all the other checkboxes. After confirming the connection, the connection will be established. We hope we described in an accessible language how to connect the Internet via Bluetooth. If you have any problems, contact your operator.