How to connect LED strip?

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How to connect LED strip?

The LED tape has many ways to use, but one thing unites them - the interior decoration. But in order to apply any of these methods and at the same time the tape worked properly and for a long time, it must be properly connected. In this article we will look at how to properly connect the LED strip.

The LED tape happens two types:

  • single color;
  • rgb.

And in fact, and in another case, there are some nuances of connection, but the set of tools and equipment is almost identical.

In order to connect one-color LED strip we will prepare the following tools and materials:

  • low-power soldering iron (from 25 to 40 W);
  • wire section of 0.75 mm. Wires are needed in different colors: if the tape is one-color, it is black and red;
  • heat-shrink tubing;
  • Power Supply;
  • industrial dryer.
  • in the case of the rgb LED strip, add another controller for color management to this set.
  • You will also need wires of green and blue colors, section of 0.75 mm.

Connecting monochrome LED ribbon

LED tape is sold in reels 5 meters long. If we need a segment of shorter length, the tape will have to be cut. Simple scissors are quite suitable for this. Cutting the tape is easier because the cut points on the tape are clearly marked. The main thing to remember is that the frequency of cutting the LED strip is equal to 3 diodes.

In any case, you cut the tape or use a whole reel, you have to solder the wires. Experts advise you to do this even if the power supply wires are already attached to the tape itself, since neither their quality nor the quality of soldering can guarantee the correct connection:

  1. We take two pieces of wire about 20 cm long. One wire is red, the second is black. Different colors are needed in order not to confuse the poles. In our case, red will be plus, black minus.
  2. The end of the wire, which will be soldered to the tape itself, should be trimmed to 15-20 mm. On the other hand, remove insulation at least a centimeter.
  3. Put the shrink tube on the ends of the wire in advance by sliding it from the stripped ends.
  4. Next, we process the ends of the wires and solder them to the connectors of the tape.LED Strip LightIt is very important not to overheat the contacts, which is why you need a low-power soldering iron.
  5. It remains only to insulate the place of solder. To do this, move the shrink tube so that it completely covers the bare part of the wire.
  6. �With a hair dryer, we heat up the heat shrink tube until it fits tightly onto the wires. If you don�t have a hair dryer, you can use a cigarette lighter or matches to heat the tube, but the insulation quality will be much worse. In addition to insulation, the heat shrink tube greatly enhances solid soldering.
  7. Now solder the wires to the low-voltage output of the power supply. Usually it is either 12 or 24 W, indicated on the tape itself. As a rule, the wires that come out of the power supply are of the same color: red (plus) and black (minus). Sometimes the minus on the power supply can be blue. But, since there are only two wires and red will always be a plus, it is impossible to confuse.

Connecting LED strip rgb

The rgb LED strip connects a little harder. How exactly to connect it we will consider further.

The difference from the monochrome LED ribbon is that for rgb you have to use a controller.He is responsible for the brightness of the ribbon and controls the colors. The standard connection scheme for a three-color ribbon is very simple:

  1. The controller connects to the low-voltage output of the power supply.
  2. The tape itself will have to be connected not directly to the power supply, as one-color, but already to the controller.LED Strip Light
  3. From the tape to the controller out 4 wires. Three of them are responsible for their own color: blue, red and green. The remaining wire is power.
  4. It is necessary to be very attentive and not to confuse colors. It is worth noting that nothing terrible will happen, but pressing one color on the remote will light up another.
  5. It is not recommended to connect sections longer than 5 meters in series. If the capacity of the power supply allows, you should connect the segments in parallel.

If you have trouble with how to properly connect the LED strip, watch a small training video.

Connecting the tape to the computer

Connect the LED strip to the computer in the same way, just in thisLED Strip LightIn this case, the power supply will be the power supply of the computer itself. To attach to it, you will need a 4-pin (male) molex connector with a pitch of 5.08 mm.

Solder the wires that go from the LED strip to it and connect to the corresponding connector on the computer's power supply.

Power supply selection

In order for the LED strip to last a long time, you should choose a power supply unit with the necessary power. And the power can be calculated by the formula: the power of one meter of the tape is multiplied by the tape�s footage and 30 percent are added (which will protect the power supply unit from overload). For example, you need to choose a power supply to 5 meters of tape, with a capacity of 10 watts.

5 * 10 + 30% = 65 watts.