How to connect ADSL?

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How to connect ADSL?

When people decide to host the Internet at home, they choose between several options. After all, you can put an adsl-modem, mobile modem or stretch the optical fiber of high-speed Internet, you can also establish a wireless connection. And this does not even affect the choice of providers that offer Internet services.

Many people prefer to install Adsl-modem, which has several advantages compared to other types of Internet, but not everyone knows how to properly connect Adsl-modem.

Benefits of Adsl Internet

Adsl Internet is a dial-up Internet. Accordingly, this Internet has several advantages compared with other types of Internet:

  • For Adsl-Internet there is no need to pull extra wires, because the Internet is connected via a telephone line, which in most apartments is by default.
  • You can pay for the Internet with a phone bill.
  • Internet speed is higher than that of the mobile Internet and older generations of communication.

However, this Internet has drawbacks. The main one is that the data transfer rate is lower than that of the Internet through optical fiber. Yes, and Internet speed directly depends on the equipment of the telephone operator itself. If the necessary equipment is not available, the data transfer will be low, and maybe even the connection will be impossible.

Connecting Adsl-modem

To connect to the Internet via an ADSL modem, you must:

  1. We connect to the telephone line splitter, which will divide the telephone and the Internet into separate lines.
  2. From the splitter we connect the wire to the modem in the necessary socket.
  3. From the modem we connect the wire to a computer or laptop to use the Internet.

After that, you only need to properly configure the modem to use it.

Configure Adsl-modem

When connecting a modem to a computer or laptop, it is important that the computer sees the equipment. If this does not happen, then you need to download the necessary network drivers or install them from the disk. After that, proceed to the configuration:

  1. We launch any browser and enter the ip-address of the modem in the address bar, which can be viewed in the documentation. Usually the address is this -
  2. In the window that opens, enter the password "1234" or the one that is specified in the documentation. Also the password can be the word "admin".
  3. The next window is usually asked to enter a new password to enter. Some modems may not have this feature.
  4. In the modem settings window, we set the operation mode “Bridge”, VPI-0, VCI-35.
  5. Usually, the modem receives the Internet settings automatically. However, if this does not happen, then it is necessary to enter all provider data from the documentation in the modem settings.
  6. Save all values ​​and reboot the modem.

After all the manipulations, the Internet should work stably.