How to connect a wireless network?

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How to connect a wireless network?

Every apartment owner wants to have a wireless Wi-Fi network, because it is convenient. Thanks to the wireless Wi-Fi network, you can connect to the Internet anywhere in the apartment from any device that is capable of it, and current technologies make such wireless Internet very fast and stable. However, not everyone knows how to connect a wireless Wi-Fi network independently and correctly to use it.

What is needed to connect Wi-Fi

To connect a wireless network, two things are needed:

  • Any wired provider connected to you. No matter which company the Internet is from, it is important that there is a wire to connect to the router.
  • The router, which will create a wireless network Wi-Fi. The router can be both for the optical Internet and for the ADSL-line (telephone Internet).

When you have all these things, you can start connecting to a wireless Wi-Fi network.

How to connect a wireless Wi-Fi network

Routers are for normal fiber, and for ADSL-line.The difference will be only in which socket the wire from the provider is connected to.

To connect we turn on the router in the socket and connect the wire from the provider to it. If you need wired internet to a computer, then connect the wire to the LAN port, which is then inserted into the same port on the computer.

It remains only to configure the router.

How to set up a wireless Wi-Fi network

You can configure the router either through a computer connected via wire to the router, or via a wireless Wi-Fi connection, which will work immediately as the router turns on. But both configuration methods have the same scheme:

  1. We connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network or connect the wire to the computer from the router.
  2. Open any browser and in the address bar enter the ip-address of the router, which is specified in the documentation.
  3. In the window that opens, enter the login and password, which are listed in the documentation. Often the password and login is the word "admin".
  4. In the settings menu of the router, you must enter the provider data that you can specify on the website, by phone or in the documentation.
  5. In the Wireless section you also need to change the name and password of the wireless network so that no one can use it and waste your traffic.
  6. In addition, you can also change the login and password to enter the settings of the router, but this is not necessary, because only the user connected to the wireless network can change the settings of the router.
  7. After setting, we save all the changed parameters and reboot the router.

After the reboot, the changes will take effect and the wireless network Wi-Fi can be used.