How to connect a speedometer?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
December 1, 2014
How to connect a speedometer?

A speedometer is a device whose main purpose is to measure the speed of a vehicle. It consists of an indicator of the speed of movement and a counter of the distance already traveled. On the scale of his division placed from 0 to 160 km / h (sometimes more). Also, there are 3 red lines on it, each of which corresponds to the speed of 37, 62, 96. Well, and how to connect the speedometer on the car VAZ production, we will consider in detail in this article.

Preparing to install

  1. First of all we support the rear wheels with special wheel chocks.
  2. Next, using the jack, lift the front of the vehicle and set it on a prop.
  3. Remember that the drive of the device is located in the gearbox in the rear part, not far from the place of entry into the differential of the drive shaft located on the right.
  4. After that, we remove the fastening finger, which is available for the devices, with a drive from the cable and disconnect the cable from the drive gear.
  5. If the speedometer is electric, then disconnect the necessary electrical wiring.


  1. Next, turn out the mounting bolt and remove it simultaneously with the heat shield.
  2. Installing the speedometer begins with the removal of the casing of the drive gear of the speedometer from the crankcase Manual transmission. Also remove the sealing ring.
  3. If desired, remove the gear from the crankcase that is in the gearbox. After that, check its condition and replace the sealing ring. When identifying any faults it is recommended to replace.
  4. It is mandatory to check the condition of the drive gear. We pay special attention to signs of possible wear. It is extracted as follows:
    • release the drive shaft from the transmission,
    • we turn out 3 fixing bolts,
    • remove from the crankcase Manual transmission sealing ring and the casing of the drive gear of the speedometer drive.


  1. Next, remove the drive gear from the differential assembly and remove all adjusting washers and install the speedometer.
  2. Replace the cable with a cord of 4 cords (black, gray, blue with purple, green-orange).
  3. The black cord (weight) coming from the clip 5 of the device connector is attached to the clip with a red block combination.
  4. Blue and purple, going from 1 device, we attach to the red block of gearbox.
  5. Gray (speedometer output), coming from the clamp 2 of the device, is connected to the clamp 9 pads of the red color combination.
  6. And the orange-green one, coming from the “K” clip, is connected to the 3rd clip of the combination white pad.
  7. After that, skip the harness where the cable was, and seal the rubber plug.
  8. Close the hole with a bolt of copper.