How to connect a car subwoofer?

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How to connect a car subwoofer?

In order to listen to music with better sound, you can connect a subwoofer to the machine. Moreover, factory saby in cars are very rare. Therefore, it will be useful information about its connection, which can be found in our article - How to connect a sub.

Let's take a closer look at how to connect a car subwoofer.


To connect the subwoofer will need the following tools:

  1. Pliers or pliers.
  2. Capacitor.
  3. Fuse.
  4. Wiring.
  5. Insulating tape.
  6. Screed.
  7. A set of keys.

Step 1. Choosing a speaker

So how do you connect a car subwoofer yourself? First of all, you need to choose a speaker. Ideal - 10-inch sub. It gives the opportunity to receive additional and frontal basses.

Step 2. Preparing the box

We understand further how to connect the subwoofer in the car. You will also need a box for this. For the selected dynamics, its volume averages about 45-50 liters. In the box it is necessary to provide connectors for the speaker itself, phase inverter, knobs, sockets.Beauty product can be covered with a cloth. Nuance: if the subwoofer is passive, you need to connect an amplifier to the car stereo that will feed low frequencies to the speaker.

Step 3. Connection procedure

How to connect the sub in the car correctly? For this you need to know the order of connection.

  1. First, the wiring is laid in the engine compartment, stretched to the trunk.
  2. In the trunk wires are brought through the so-called technological hole. Connect the wires "+" and "-" to the amplifier.
  3. The amplifier is connected to the radio with RCA cables, or so-called tulips.
  4. "Tulips" must be connected in accordance with the color connectors.
  5. The wires are drawn back together with the power cord, which is connected to the amplifier. Also connects the power cord.
  6. The last step - the amplifier is connected to the subwoofer.