How to set up a browser?

Choosing a browser, every user of a personal computer wants to maximally meet all its requirements, both in terms of security and simplicity and ease of operation. But still, before setting up the browser, you need to understand that when working on the Internet, the most important point is security. Each browser creator seeks to improve their "child"? offering new features to your customer. So, not so long ago it was not possible to customize the browser so that the sites for adults were not available to children. Now, however, offers such functions as Internet Explorer, and some other analogues.

Customize Opera browser?

Opera is one of the most popular browsers among Internet users. It appeared in 1994, but until 2005, this browser was distributed only on a paid basis. In 2009, the Norwegian company Telenor presented Opera browser for mobile phones. In view of the fact that all versions of Opera have common menu features, it is necessary to customize the start page in the mobile phone version in the same way as for a personal computer.

Before you configure the Opera browser, you need to decide what you should configure. If you want to customize the start page, you need to go to the "Tools" menu, select "Settings", and they have the "General Settings" item. The dialog box opens the Main tab, where there are two lines that define which of the pages when the browser starts up should be opened by the computer. Place an icon against the required page. If you want the browser to open the home page, enter its address in the appropriate field - it is located slightly below. Confirm your actions by clicking on OK, then restart the browser.

In some cases, the Opera browser toolbar is not displayed at the top. These settings can be changed by clicking on the “Opera” logo, finding the “Settings” item and acting in accordance with the algorithm described above. The "Basic Settings" menu in Opera can be called up from the keyboard - press Ctrl + F12 at the same time, and you will see a dialog box in which you can make adjustments to the current browser settings.

Customize Google Chrome Browser?

Google Chrome is one of the “youngest” browsers, but it has proven itself well in the Runet, so it is quite popular among users. If you do not know how to configure the default browser, we are ready to help you with this issue. Moreover, it is quite simple, because after downloading Google Chrome, the program offers you to install this browser by default. You can make settings in the Menu, directly while using Google Chrome - in the "Menu" select the "Settings" item, and then the section "Default Browser". A button will appear on the screen confirming that Google Chrome is set as the default browser. Click on it and all links will open exclusively in Google Chrome.

Browser Google Chrome offers its users to install various themes that will make the screen of your computer when working with the Internet more stylish and attractive. In some cases, the user wants to open a new window in this browser so that its address is not recorded, for example, on a gaming website or a web resource of another resource. For this, Google has provided the opening of the window in incognito mode.By the way, this feature is available in "Setting up and managing Google Chrome." In the same section, you can change the scale of the pages that are opened, view the history and perform other tasks for setting up the browser.

How to set up Mozzilla Firefox?

Mozzilla Firefox browser includes only basic tools, which are sometimes not enough to make full use of the Internet. However, if you have a question about how to configure Mazil's browser, do not despair, because even a schoolboy can cope with this task. The range of features offered through add-ons presented on is very extensive. You can not only change the external data of the browser, but also equip it with completely new functionality. You can, using add-ons, add additional panels, buttons, as well as a page translator to Mozzilla Firefox.

To complete all these tasks, click the appropriate link on, followed by a question from the browser - do you allow me to install a specific add-on or not. By confirming your intentions, you will supplement your browser with a certain addition. By the way, to find out if you need this addition or not, read its brief description offered on the same site.

How to configure Internet Explorer?

You have already learned how to configure Chrome and Opera browser, now it's time to learn about Internet Explorer settings - a product that is installed on computers by a software developer, by Microsoft. To make certain settings in this browser, you must use the Internet Options dialog box. It offers the following customizable options: languages ​​and fonts, background of Web pages and text color, restriction on access to Web pages and, most importantly, protection of information that is transmitted and received to your computer from the Internet.

Internet Explorer allows you to transfer information with varying degrees of protection, however, as well as receive it. This moment is very important for users who regularly transmit confidential information through the Internet, which, if it falls into the hands of competitors, can cause a specific project to fail. If you need to learn how to adjust the sound in the browser, then use the same menu "browser properties".

How to configure the browser Safari?

Safari Browser is an Apple product. It is intended, first of all, for installation on computers with Mac operating system, however, the 4th version of Safari for Windows can quite suit you by its capabilities.All changes in Safari should be done in the "Settings". The homepage is set in the same menu. To start the process you need to open the Internet page that you make home. Then in the "Settings" menu, select "Basic", click on "Current page" in the section on the home page.

In order to bring up the Safari settings menu, you need to click on the gear icon, which is located in the right corner at the top of the browser page. Here you will be offered options. In the "Customize toolbar" there are various functional buttons that can be dragged into the toolbar area.