How to clean the clog?

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How to clean the clog?

It is very unpleasant when pipes are clogged. It can also cause a flood that will not make your neighbors happy. In such cases, cause plumbing, which will eliminate the blockage with the help of various tools and fixtures. However, the blockage can be removed by yourself if you know what household chemicals can be used. How to clear the clog in the pipes, will be discussed below.

Pipes in the apartment can be divided into two categories - pipes in the bathroom and toilet pipes. Each category is approached differently due to differences in the pipe structure. Also blockages are divided into complete and partial. In the second case there will be an outflow of water, but over time, the stench from the pipe will begin.

Usually blockages occur due to improper pipe installation, buildup of soap scum or accumulation of debris. Or maybe all together. Let's take a closer look at how to clean the pipes in the bathroom and toilet.

How to clean the clog in the bathroom

You can clean the pipes in the bathroom using both mechanical methods and household cleaning products.

Mechanical methods

Mechanical methods include:

  • Cleaning with a plunger.
  • Clearing with a sanitary cable. At one end of the cable handle, and at the other nozzle in the form of a brush. We lower the cable into the pipe in the area of ​​the blockage and begin to turn the brush.
  • Electric cable cleaning. All the same as with the usual plumbing cable, But only the electric cable does not need to turn. It will automatically eliminate the blockage.

Chemical methods

Chemical methods are pouring household chemicals into a pipe that dissolves clogging. The most popular tools are "Mole" and "Mr. Muscle for pipes." They contain a high concentration of alkali, which eats up blockages. You can also find foreign counterparts that are more careful with pipes. They are suitable for plastic pipes.

Such funds are poured into the pipe, and after a certain period of time, hot water is released in order to wash off the remains of the blockage. However, when using products it is recommended to use protection in the form of gloves and masks due to their chemical sensitivity.

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How to clean the clog in the toilet

If the blockage is simple, then there are two simple ways to clean the toilet bowl:

  1. Pour boiling water into the toilet at a right angle.Thus, it is possible to wash away uncomplicated blockages. You can also repeat the procedure several times to better flush the pipe.
  2. Dissolve soda in toilet water. The alkali formed will help dissolve the uncomplicated blockage.

If the blockage is more serious, then you can use household chemicals, which are on the shelves of many. The most popular, as in the previous section, are "Mole" and "Mr. Muscle for pipes".

If the chemicals do not help, then it is necessary to eliminate the blockage mechanically with the help of a plunger and its analogue. Usually used plungers 10-centimeter diameter. If there is no plunger, you can make something with your own hands. For example, wrap a stick with a rag and push through a blockage.

In addition to the plunger plumbing often use plumbing flexible cable for breaking and pushing the blockage with a pointed tip. The cable may bump into an obstacle. In this case, it is better to have cables of different lengths and with different nozzles in order to more effectively eliminate blockages in different pipes.

How to prevent clogging

What not to do:

  • Do not dispose of garbage in the sink or toilet bowl.You can wear a special mesh on the stock, so as not to miss the garbage.
  • When installing the pipe, make sure that the siphon angle does not exceed 90 degrees relative to the drain. Otherwise, the garbage will linger on the slope of the siphon. The riser must always be vertical.
  • Sometimes it is worth using household chemicals for prevention. This will help eliminate minor blockages that form over time.
  • Sometimes it is worth washing the siphon itself. We put a basin under it and unscrew. We wash and return to the place.