How to clean the carpet

You will need
  • - a vacuum cleaner
  • - detergent
  • - bucket or basin
  • - brush with thick bristles
  • - stain remover or vinegar
Before you start cleaning the carpet, remove all excess furniture from it and take out the vacuum cleaner. Yes, start with a simple vacuum cleaner, do not neglect it, despite the fact that you still plan to wet cleaning. Unfortunately, dust, some crumbs constantly accumulate on the palace, and if you have pets at home, then wool. Even invisible to the eye, during the brushing of the washing foam, they will “run” even deeper into the fibers of the carpet, and it will be more difficult to get rid of them during the subsequent cleaning.
Inspect the carpet for individual stains. If there are spots that require the most careful attention, clean them before applying the detergent to the entire carpet. Well suited in this case, the usual remedy for stains such as "Antipyatina." If there is no such remedy, even just drop a few drops of vinegar to the most serious spots.
Now it's the turn of the purge itself. Dilute the carpet cleaner according to the enclosed instructions in a basin or bucket and whip it into foam. Gather a little more foam on the brush and clean the carpet. The whole carpet, as when washing the floor, should be covered with foam. In this case, the brush must be cleaned, but not too hard, otherwise you can damage the pile of your palace. Just now tell yourself thanks for having vacuumed the carpet beforehand, otherwise the animal hair and fine dirt would constantly stick to the brush. Walking in this way throughout the palace, leave it to dry.
On the palace there should be visible traces of foam, gradually drying out. This is scary. After some time, when the carpet is completely dry, remove the vacuum cleaner again. Clean the carpet thoroughly, thus removing the remaining foam. You should not worry about the fact that there are no traces of detergent on the surface of the carpet - they were created specifically for this method of cleaning and cannot be damaged. But if you use the Fairy household soap or laundry detergent, you will have to go through the carpet again with a wet brush or rag.However, do not worry, it is very possible that grandmothers funds are fully capable of competing with modern ones.