How to choose a suitable deodorant?

DeodorantIt is an indispensable means of hygiene for every normal person. There is a lot of controversy about how to control perspiration with its help is harmful to health, but despite this, deodorants instantly disappear from supermarket shelves, for many years now without losing their relevance.

The modern rhythm of life implies a constant movement, we are all in a hurry somewhere, trying to have time to do several things at the same time, but at the same time it is necessary to carry out one gold correctly - to look one hundred percent!

And agree - wet armpits are unlikely to make you attractive in the eyes of others.

Therefore, the fact that a deodorant thing is useful can not even doubt. The main thing is to pick it up.

The street is already getting warmer, the long-awaited time will come soon - summer! And along with it, the high temperature of the air, the lack of rain and a large number of sweaty people. Unfortunately, among our population there are individuals who, to put it mildly, do not look after themselves and do not know what hygiene products are.Therefore, being with them, and especially traveling together on public transport, sometimes it becomes simply impossible: the smell of sweat is very hard to perceive.

Regular use of special tools will save you and others from unpleasant situations.

Choose a good tool

You, probably, often heard these words: antiperspirant, deodorant, perfume deodorant. All these tools are united by one thing - they control the process of perspiration and eliminate unpleasant odor. But, at the same time, they differ significantly from each other.

Deodorant basically eliminates unpleasant odors, but he cannot reduce sweating. Simply put, it quickly eliminates the effects of sweating, due to special antimicrobial additives.

Antiperspirant is a stronger tool. It can block the sweat glands. Very often there is a combined version of the means: antiperspirant deodorant. And it blocks pores and odor eliminates.

Perfumed deodorant appeared more as an addition to the famous brands of perfumes. The fact is that conventional means have their own flavor, even if it is barely perceptible, but, nevertheless, present.Some people believe that the smell of deodorant "interrupts" the scent of perfume, so you need to have these two products were the same company and smell the same. You should know that perfumed deodorants, due to their higher alcohol content, can protect you for only a few hours, not the whole day.

These are the qualities that a good anti-sweat remedy should satisfy:

1. He must maintain a fresh feeling throughout the day.
2. On the clothes should not remain marks. Because of bad means you can say goodbye to your favorite things, so pay attention to this.
3. It should moisturize the skin. It is very delicate in the armpits, so it is important not to harm it.
4. Do not let you down in a difficult situation and be comfortable in operation.
5. Should not cause an allergic reaction.

Remedies for sweat come in the form of sprays and sticks. Spray products are best for people who play a lot of sports. They are better refreshed and do not clog the pores. The disadvantage of sprays is that they cause allergies and irritation, more than all other means.

Sticks or ball options are very popular, primarily because of the convenience.A small stick will easily fit even in a small handbag. With him you will always feel comfortable.

People sweat in different ways. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body: the presence of excess weight, various diseases. With increased sweating, common deodorants such as Garnier, Rexona, Dove, Nivea will not help. People with such a problem, firstly, they need to see a doctor, secondly they should buy special remedies for sweating: Dry Dry, liquid fordron, spray Aluchloridlösung, Syneo and others. Use them preferably after consulting a doctor and be prepared for the fact that these deodorants are not cheap.

How to use

1. Only on clean and dry skin can be applied similar means.
2. The hair under the arms is not the place. Be sure to remove them in the most convenient way for you. Hair contributes to the proliferation of bacteria and the spread of unpleasant odor.
3. Immediately after the hair removal, you can not apply an antiperspirant, especially a spray, you will cause irritation.
4. Do not use sweat remedies in front of the bath. Your body will be exposed to high temperatures, taking advantage of the remedy, you will block sweating.This can lead to overheating of the body.
5. Choose things from natural fabrics.

High-quality deodorant will give you the opportunity to feel confident throughout the day. You will go about your business knowing that you are spreading a wonderful fragrance!

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