How to choose home textiles?

A cozy home is hard to imagine without important details that give it beauty and comfort. Textiles play an important role in this: soft pillows, high-quality bedding, comfortable towels, clean tablecloths, thick curtains, strong rugs, bright napkins, etc. - all this is not only used for its intended purpose, but also decorates the house. If you need to buy household goods, first you need to decide what you need and in what quantity. We will help you in this matter: consider a few short useful recommendations on choosing popular home textiles.


Home textiles certainly include quality linens. There are several criteria for his choice:

  • The size. One person will be enough one-and-a-half set, a pair needs to choose a double, family or euro set.
  • Material. The best materials for bed - natural: coarse, polysatin, satin, silk. Environmentally friendly and natural, they are durable and durable.
  • Color and pattern.The choice is very wide, depends on personal preferences and interior. The design of the bed should be in harmony with the interior. For example, strict monochromatic colors with neat and few prints, for example, geometric, are suitable for a minimalist bedroom, flowers and village motifs will look great in a provenance, a deluxe darkened bedroom will complement bedding of deep hues (burgundy, purple, dark blue, etc.) ), and for a light children's room, you can choose a light and soft set.


Pillows in the house are used in three cases: sleeping for beds to put under the back, decorative. Most attention should be paid to pillows that are used for sleep.

  • The model for sleep should support the cervical region and the head and not fall under the shoulders, so it needs a rectangular, not square, shape. The recommended height of the pillow is small: from 8 to 16 cm. The softer the mattress, the lower should be the pillow.
  • Filler and padding material. The best fillers for pillows: latex, anatomical foam, memory foam, Taktile material. They are well supported head and comfortable in operation.Pooh, feathers, sintepon, buckwheat husk will be worse to support the spine, as crushed. Also, products with these fillers are recommended to be changed every six months, since they form pathogens and allergens.
  • Cushions for decorating sofas and rooms can be completely different. If you like to read books or watch TV, covered with a blanket, choose a pair of large pillows in the set, which are combined with a blanket - and you can decorate the sofa in the living room. You can buy or make their own knitted kit. A lot of bright pads of different shapes will make the colors in the usual living room design, diversify it: they can be used to decorate chairs and sofas in different ways, as well as randomly throw them on the floor to create a relaxed design. You can choose pads in the same style and one design or completely different - it depends on taste and individual interior. Bright, stylish and different suitable for interiors in the style of art deco, boho, modern, and to maintain strict compliance is necessary in the classics, where a certain harmony in details is required.


In the house you need a lot of towels, they are used for different purposes.The selection criteria will depend on what the towel is used for:

  • For the bathroom and bath need large terry, soft, but at the same time moderately hard towels. The older the person and the less sensitive his skin, the more rigid the villi should be in the towel: in addition to its main function, such products will perform a massage effect. You can purchase a towel complete with a bathrobe - it will be a functional and useful combination. Remember that everyone should have their own towel.
  • Medium terry and waffle towels are used for the face, hands and other parts of the body. A soft and comfortable terry product is needed for delicate skin of the face and hands, and a coarser waffle is suitable for evening procedures.
  • A towel is also needed in the kitchen: to wipe hands, use tacks instead, etc. - it can be useful everywhere. For the kitchen it is best to choose a small towel with good absorbency and not very light - for practical reasons.