How to choose an evening outfit?

At the solemn event you always want to look decent, respectively, to shine with individual luxurious beauty. If you have to go out into the world, you need to carefully select the appropriate image - we will help you with this.

What to wear?

Women's evening suits and outfits can be different.

The dress is a festive classic. From short cocktails to exquisite to the floor - you can choose whatever you like and like. It is important to comply with the dress code and relevance.

Trouser suit or overalls. Elegant pants with a top or jumpsuit made of thin fabric, for example, silk, look great on young and slim girls.

Skirt plus top or blouse. The ideal comfortable and attractive outfit for simple celebrations: friendly meetings, small corporate parties, meeting with parents, etc.

What to wear on occasion:

  • Dinner in a restaurant: cocktail or long dress;
  • Wedding of friends: closed cocktail dress, trouser outfit;
  • Festive lunch: cocktail dress, sheath dress;
  • Graduation: any outfit that will appeal to the girl and will be appropriate;
  • New Year: an elegant cocktail option.

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Types of dress code

There are three types of dress code, depending on which you should choose an evening look.

A5 casual

For parties, dinner parties and corporate parties after 5 pm. You can choose a cocktail dress, pants with a top or a skirt with a blouse. From jewelry you can gold jewelry and jewelry. Comfort plus beauty.

Black tie

Dresses for the New Year, weddings, theatrical premieres, official receptions. Requires strict adherence to the dress code. Cocktail or evening dress strict clean lines, covering the knees. Quality jewelry or precious jewelry. Neatness, tradition and elegance.

White tie

Dress code for high-level events: weddings, formal business meetings, awards awards. A floor dress, stiletto heels, elegant sophisticated make-up, hair in a coiffure, precious jewelry and gloves look good. Dear chic.

Nuances of attire

  • Landing. The perfect fit is important - choose a dress that fits you perfectly and is comfortable. The best option is an outfit tailored to order.
  • Appropriate openness. The more formal the event, the more accurate it is to be in terms of candor. Evening - time for midi and maxi. If you want to wear a mini, let it be at least 45 cm in length. Looks good neckline, but moderately deep. Tight-fitting clothing should look natural and fit. Be sure to check that the outfit is well kept on the body during movement. Excessive openness looks vulgar and cheap.
  • The cloth. The material for the evening dress should be of high quality and, if possible, expensive. You can choose silk, lace, chiffon, satin, velvet, guipure, taffeta.


Any outfit will look unfinished, if there is no matching accessories for it.

What you can choose:

  • Slippers. The choice of shoes depends on the situation and outfit. Black classic pumps with heels or heels of medium size are suitable for most cases, for strict ones - definitely. Bold options for high heels are good for brilliant night parties and bright celebrations. Shoes should be combined with the color of the dress, be in tone or slightly darker than it.Inharmonious combinations or sharp contrasts are not recommended.
  • Gloves. Long gloves are combined with strapless dresses, with short sleeves to the elbow, and short ones with cocktail dresses.
  • Tiara. Looks great with luxurious dresses in the floor and beautifully decorated hair.
  • Handbag. Neat, elegant, small, on a thin leather strap or chain. Perfect clutch.
  • Decorations. The choice depends on the case. Strict events require restraint and quality of jewelry; extravagant large-size designer dresses can be worn on bright festive occasions. The more formal and “higher” the event, the greater the requirements for the material: if costume jewelry is suitable for the party, then jewelery made of precious metals and stones are required for the party. In any case, they need to skillfully select and combine. Avoid clutter.

Given these simple recommendations, you can choose the best holiday outfit for any evening!