How to choose a webcam?

Finally, you decided to buy a webcam. But what to choose from such a huge range of manufacturers in the market? So different pricing policies and a large number of characteristics? Which webcam to choose? First of all, you need to decide for what purposes you will use a webcam. It is clear that its main purpose is video calls on the Internet, but it can also be used for photo and video shooting. But there are so many devices, and at such different prices, that to begin with let's talk a little about their types.

Varieties of webcams

Web cameras can be divided into three main types - portable, desktop and universal. Portable webcams are usually used in laptops, desktop ones - in ordinary computers, and universal ones serve both types of devices, while they have a special mount that can be hooked to all types of monitors.

Any cameras have three main parameters of appearance, they are shape, cord length and dimensions. Web cameras for laptops, as a rule, the usb cord does not reach more than a meter in length, so it’s inconvenient to use them on a regular computer.In contrast, on desktop webcams, the length of the cord can reach about 2 meters in length, which is quite enough.

The physical shape of desktop cameras usually resembles a small ball, with a focus on the front, which can be adjusted manually. Also, a microphone is sometimes built into the cameras for ease of use. There are web cameras in the form of toys, created specifically for children, by which you can watch your child. Laptop cameras resemble lighters in their shape, they are small in size and mostly have dark tones, the color of the device. Universal cameras can look like anything. Premium class cameras have a sometimes strange shape, for example, they look as if they are a piece of pipe.

But still, how to choose a webcam? We turn to their main characteristics.


This is one of the basic rules for choosing a webcam. The quality of the picture transfer and its size will depend on this parameter. Be careful when choosing, because here you can expect pitfalls. If you do not study in detail the characteristics of the resolution of a web camera, you can stay with your nose.After all, everything is very simple, some manufacturers point to the box of the camera, its maximum resolution, mined using the so-called interpolation, that is, taking into account the increase in the picture. Such a picture will not be very correctly displayed in reality. You will see simply increased resolution, and a larger image. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions or on the packaging of the camera, everything, even what is written in small print, in order to avoid trouble. Look at the real resolution of the webcam.


Also, to know how to choose the right webcam, you need to know about one more parameter - this is cropping. For this parameter, there is a special term “fps”, that is, the number of frames per second that a webcam can issue. Modern cameras have a frame rate of 30 units per second. This is quite enough to transmit the video without any loss of quality. But there are more powerful cameras in which the frequency reaches 90 frames per second, which in principle is brute force, and if you are not a fan of expensive devices, you can not be wasted.


Keep in mind that a good webcam can be bought for both 1000 rubles and 3000, and you should not put high cost in priority, first of all, these are the characteristics of the camera that you need. Suppose if you need to choose a webcam for skype, then framing 30 frames per second and a resolution of 640x480 pixels is fine for you. But, nevertheless, it is worth, first of all, to note for yourself what amount you are willing to spend on purchasing a webcam. I would highlight 4 price ranges:

  • 350-700 rubles
  • 700-1200 rubles
  • 1200-1900 rubles
  • More than 1900 rubles

It is worth noting that the first two ranges fall on desktop webcams, the rest mainly on cameras for laptops.

Also, to know how to choose a webcam, you need to consider a few more nuances:

  • If you choose a webcam with a built-in microphone, you need to pay attention to the presence of noise reduction.
  • Pay attention to the presence of extra functions for which you overpay money. For example, replacing your face with a funny mask or frame. There are many free programs that are capable of these functions. Moreover, it is interesting at first, but then quickly gets bored with the background of the main functions of the webcam.
  • The function of auto-brightness.When shooting in a dark room, this additional function increases the brightness as much as possible, but on condition that the image quality is not deteriorating too much. Also here the main thing is not to overdo it, because instead of a picture you can get a blurred image.
  • Sometimes there is a tracking function in the cameras that automatically focuses the lens on you if you reject the face.
  • Pay attention to the drawbacks - for example, the missing desktop stand, with the monitor mount present, if you need it, of course, and white balance as well, since you will not see much on such a webcam.