How to choose a quality blanket?

A blanket is something you can't do without, especially in winter. But for the dream to be strong and healthy, it is important to choose the right blanket. And what should I look for when buying? Let's find out!

In winter without it, there is nowhere


The material from which the blanket is made - this is an extremely important criterion, to pay attention to which you need almost in the first place. Today they use a wide variety of materials, so the choice is simply huge. We list the possible options.


Duvets are very popular, and for good reason. These blankets are durable, soft, incredibly light, and also perfectly breathable, which is very important. They also retain heat well, but at the same time provide access of oxygen to the body and make the sleep pleasant and healthy. In the winter, you definitely will not freeze, and cool in summer, do not steam. But down blankets have some drawbacks.


Firstly, they can become wet if the humidity in the room is high. Secondly, they dry for a rather long time after drying and may lose their original appearance (this does not always happen, but only if the product is of poor quality).

By the way, it is best to dry out the product, after machine wash it will surely deteriorate. Third, some fluff causes allergies. And, fourthly, in such a filler, dust mites that are harmful to health can start.

The price of duvets can be different, it all depends on the quality of the filler. So, pure fluff without impurities is the best option. But the addition of a pen will degrade the quality of the product. It can become hard and get off fast. Most often for making blankets use duck or goose down, as well as fluff fuzz (it is more expensive).


Duvet covers are not suitable for a cold winter. Yes, they are light, easily washable, let in air and keep the heat well. But such blankets are mostly quite thin and can not fully warm in winter. But this option is optimal for a cool summer, late spring and early autumn. Most often, children's small blankets are made of a tale.



A silk blanket can be classified as a multigrade blanket, as it is rather thin, it lets air pass well and retains heat, and also absorbs and then evaporates moisture almost immediately.But It is worth noting that such material cannot be called light, and most manufacturers make precisely thin blankets that will not fully warm up in real frosts.

Silk is a natural and natural material (its fibers are the result of the work of silkworm butterflies), but it does not cause allergies. In addition, parasites do not live in silk, so you can not worry about it. And this material has an antibacterial effect, which also will not be superfluous. A silk blanket will last for a very long time (about 10-20 years).


There are few cons of such products. The first is a fairly high price, and the second is a complex care. So, the blanket will not survive the machine or hand wash for sure, so you will have to take it to dry cleaning. But not all types of silk can even be subjected to professional cleaning.


Wool blankets have been very popular for some time and are practically the only ones available, but today there are few of them. And all because they are quite heavy and often prickly, so that they can cause discomfort when used. But these products perfectly retain heat and absorb moisture.In addition, they can be cleaned almost independently.


Even the human sweat released during the night will be quickly absorbed and will also quickly disappear. But remember that such material can cause allergies, so be careful. By the way, it is believed that wool can be used to treat certain diseases, such as sciatica or the common cold.

Such products are made from the wool of different animals. The most affordable and therefore cheap option is sheep wool. Sheep blanket is quite warm and durable. More expensive options are camel and cashmere blankets. They are light and pleasant to the touch. The most expensive materials are merino wool or llama.

Woolen blankets can be quilted or made in the form of blankets. The second option is suitable for spring or autumn, the first - for a cold winter.

As for the care, it is best to choose a dry cleaning.


A quilt a few decades ago, there was in almost every home, but today it is almost impossible to see it. Yes, such products are very warm, and are also considered to be hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. But there are more minuses.


First, this blanket will be very heavy.Secondly, cotton wool can lump together, which is extremely inconvenient. Thirdly, this material quickly absorbs extraneous smells, and in this case even airing can be useless. Fourthly, these products can not be washed, they should be given to dry cleaners.



Bamboo blanket is one of the best options. The advantages of this natural material are so numerous that you cannot list them all.

  • Firstly, it is environmentally friendly and will not harm either man or the environment.
  • Secondly, products made of bamboo are incredibly soft and pleasant to touch.
  • Thirdly, such a blanket will be easy.
  • Fourthly, the bamboo fiber perfectly passes the air and cope with the absorption and evaporation of moisture.
  • Fifthly, this material almost does not absorb any smells and is very quickly ventilated.
  • Sixth, bamboo has antibacterial properties, so no microorganisms and uninvited guests will be in the product.
  • Seventh, this material is absolutely hypoallergenic.

And, finally, the care of such a blanket is very simple, and it will serve for a long time, maintaining its original qualities.

Synthetic materials

Do not think that synthetics - this is bad. Modern technologies allow to produce absolutely safe materials with high performance. The most famous and inexpensive synthetic material is a synthetic winterizer. It does not cause allergies, is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, keeps its shape and is inexpensive. But here it passes air badly, and also not very well evaporates moisture.


Also, other materials are used for making blankets. So, polyester warms well, hypoallergenic, warm, does not absorb odors, lets in air, is inexpensive, and also easy to clean.

Silicone fiber also provides air circulation, is an environmentally friendly, lightweight and hypoallergenic material, it is easy to wash and perfectly warms. But such products do not last long, as silicone can lose its shape and stray.

Hollofayber - the most modern and has become quite popular material, which perfectly heats, lets oxygen pass, it is well dried and washed, is light and hypoallergenic.

Important selection criteria

So, how to choose a warm blanket and not make a mistake? Which is better and is right for you? When buying, pay attention to the following important points:

  • Carefully study the label, on it the manufacturers must indicate all the important information: rules of care, characteristics, materials.
  • Some blankets have covers in which the filler is placed. They too should pay attention. The best materials for making covers are satin and jacquard. These materials are dense and serve for a long time, but at the same time they let in air and evaporate moisture. Silk is also acceptable, but it is more expensive and not very convenient to use because of the slip. Cotton is also not bad, but it does not serve as long as the same satin.
  • It is best to purchase blankets in trusted specialty stores.
  • Manufacturing technology. There are several types of blankets: quilted, cassette and kostep. Products of the first type are the most common, but not very durable. The filler is fixed, but holes and needles remain on the material. The cassette blanket consists of separate cassettes with filler, which are fastened together. The material does not get off and keeps the shape. A karostep is, in fact, a quilt, but with various stitched patterns. Not the best option, because how long this product will not last.
  • Season.When choosing a blanket, consider for what time of year you purchase it. You can buy a multigrade product.
  • The size. It all depends on your preferences and the number of people under the blanket.

Let the blanket warm you and serve for a long time!

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