How to choose a husband?

Every woman once faces a crucial choice in her life. She begins to choose for himself a man who will tie herself with her through marriage. It is very important not to make a mistake, because besides the fact that you can ruin your whole life, children will suffer. In ancient times, parents chose husbands for their daughters. They looked at the financial condition of the applicant, his position in society, but not like the feelings of the young. Now everything has become more difficult, because, among other things, the groom wants to experience true love, which will warm them both day and night. The fact that it is very important to understand, now let's think about how to choose a husband.

  • A family. Be attentive to the family of your young man. Do not forget that we are adopting many habits and habits from our parents. We practically learn from them. Since childhood, children imitate mom and dad, they want to be like them. All this suggests that you must meet his family. Only in this way can you understand it, see what kind of model of family behavior lies in it.Most often, it is parents who inculcate the most basic values ​​in a person: respect for women, mutual aid, etc.
  • Social statuses. If we talk about how to choose a husband correctly, then one should begin not with feelings, but with social status. Psychologists believe that the cause of many divorces lies precisely in it. There are cases when a girl receives both a prince, and a horse, and even a kingdom to boot. But inequality in the material situation leads to frequent quarrels and separation. If you do not want any billionaire to be ashamed of you or vice versa, then choose an equal spouse. This concerns not only the financial situation, but also the level of cultural education, membership in religions and different nations.
  • Attitude to children. Even the mouse, choosing a husband, look solely at how much he cares about his offspring. You also need to look for the spouse who will be responsible for raising your common children. You should do this on a par. In fact, it is very difficult to understand how to choose a husband who is fully ready to become a father. Not all men are generally distinguished by the desire to have children.Notice how your chosen one behaves with his little nephews or godparents. If there are no nephews, ask a friend to invite you two to a children's party. And there do not take your eyes off him.
  • Common interests. Let the opposites attract each other, but they rather quickly repel each other. If you don’t have general activities, you won’t last long. For example, if he is an amateur to lie on the couch by the TV, and give you the mountains, sneakers and a backpack, then you have nothing to do with it. You get bored too quickly and start to spend time separately. You should not, of course, look for a person with exactly the same interests and hobbies as you have. It is best when the spouses have a couple of general classes and as many different ones. This is the only way to have fun, not lose your friends and always have enough topics to talk about.
  • Gen. It remains important to find out how the applicant as a husband behaves in everyday life. One thing, romantic meetings, dates, dreams of a joint future. When a loved one just takes you home and leaves, you won’t know if you can live with him all your life under the same roof.After the wedding, many couples stumble through life. You do not want to try to live together for some time without a stamp in your passport, act tricky - come to visit without an invitation and find out whether your man is neat or not, whether he is used to housework or everything is too neglected.
  • Sexual temperament. How does a woman choose her husband? You can deny it, but each of us understands that if, sexually, a man and a woman do not suit each other, then they will not see happiness in living together. How do you know if you are compatible or not? Well, of course, by experiment! The most important thing is to get great pleasure from intimacy with your young man.
  • Man and money. If you want to understand his character, understand how he relates to money. You may like it if he spends his entire salary on you and going with you to expensive restaurants, but be aware, the head of the family should not behave like this.

Follow up:

  • Does he compare prices for different products,
  • Throws or saves all checks after purchase,
  • Planning a budget or spending, without looking,
  • Does he invest?

At the same time everyone, a man should not be greedy.We need to look for a middle ground. Do not forget also that your chosen one must be completely confident in himself, his strength, his love for you, the desire to have children from you. You choose the head of the family, so be careful as never before!