How to change the TIN?

Andrey Kim
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How to change the TIN?

The Taxpayer Identification Number or, as it is commonly called, the TIN is a document that every taxpayer needs. Since 2000, every citizen must make an INN in the required order. This document is often required when applying for a job. In addition, the TIN is often required to fill out tax and other documents.

TIN during life does not change. It is issued to a citizen once and for all, but the document itself, on which this number is recorded, must be changed in case of a surname change due to marriage. So how to change the TIN?

TIN after marriage

The newly married wife must apply to the tax department assigned to her at the place of residence with the following documents:

  • passport or any other identity document with a new name;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • old tax ID;
  • completed form of a special sample.

This form can either be downloaded online, printed and completed before visiting the tax authority, or purchased directly at the tax authority and filling it in there.

By the way, there are no fines for untimely change of TIN.Moreover, you can walk all your life with an old INN document. If presented together with a marriage certificate, it will be considered valid.

On the internet

TIN can be changed via the Internet. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the tax service of the Russian Federation, go to the section �Delivery to tax accounting� and fill out a special online application, and after the corresponding notification, visit the tax service and collect your document.

Changing of the living place

Many taxpayers are wondering - should I change my TIN when I change my place of residence? The answer is no. However, it is necessary to change the certificate of registration, and, moreover, it is changing by the tax authority at the new place of residence.

In this case, you must have with you:

  • passport or any other identity document (military ID, driver�s license, etc.)
  • old inn
  • a document that confirms the registration of a person at a new place of residence.
  • for individuals: the old certificate of registration with the tax authority.
  • for legal entities: a copy of the certificate of registration with the mark of the tax authority at the same place of residence and deregistration.

This service is also available via the Internet on the official website of the tax service of the Russian Federation.

As you can see, the procedure for changing the TIN is very simple, and the ability to work with various government agencies via the Internet saves time. Having dealt with how to change the TIN, do not postpone it!