How to change the sewer riser

You will need
  • - PVC pipe with a diameter of 110 mm;
  • - two adapter-transition from PVC pipe to cast iron;
  • - coupling compensator;
  • - a set of fittings for the drainage pipe;
  • - perforator, angle grinder, metalworking tool.
First of all, you need to coordinate work with neighbors in the riser. With residents of apartments located above and below the one where it is planned to change the sewer riser, it is necessary to agree on repair work. In the course of the replacement, a large amount of debris, dust and dirt may appear, which means that you will have to do the cleaning in the neighbor's house with your own hands. In apartments located above the riser during the repair work should not be used sewage. If you can not meet with the neighbors from the top, you can block the water riser a day before the replacement.
Preparation of the site is better to make the day before replacing the riser. The first thing to ensure is the free passage of the pipe through the ceiling.To do this, it will be necessary to make a recess of the cement-sand mortar, which was filled with a gap between the body of the floor and the pipe. To avoid large-scale damage, it is better to drill a few holes along the perimeter of the pipe, thus limiting the size of the future hole.
Dismantling the cast iron pipe must begin in the morning. With the help of angle grinders and a cutting disc for metal it is necessary to cut a section of a pipe 40-50 centimeters long in a neighboring apartment from above at a distance of about a meter from the floor. After that, the pipe is sawn in half in his own apartment and the upper segment of the old riser is removed. In the neighboring apartment below you need to cut off the pipe at a distance of about a meter from the ceiling and remove the second segment. It is understood that at the time of the replacement of the riser in the apartment all the old branches of the drainage channel have already been removed. Pipe joints need to be cleaned of paint and coating, after which you can begin to install a new pipe.
Installation of the new riser is carried out from the bottom up. For this purpose, an adapter-junction is attached to the lower joint of the cast-iron pipe, to which a piece of pipe of a certain size is attached. A fitting-splitter is inserted into the socket of the pipe, which should be on the floor level of the apartment in which the riser is changed.Insert another pipe section into the fitting socket, the end of which should be at a level acceptable for installing a second splitter in the apartment of the neighbors above. To the fitting you need to attach another section of pipe, the end of which should not reach the upper edge of the cast-iron riser by 35-40 centimeters. You need to put on the adapter-junction on the cast-iron pipe and connect it to the new riser by means of a coupling-compensator. After the new riser is mounted, it is possible to plug holes in the floors.
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In order to avoid the collapse of the plaster in the lower apartment, it is better to begin dismantling the installation of the hole from the ceiling surface at the bottom of the neighbors. It is also important to control the presence of rubber seals in the sockets when assembling the drainage channel.
Helpful advice
Pipes and fittings are much easier to connect by brushing the ends and sealing rubber with silicone sealant or liquid soap.