How to catch on a donku?

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How to catch on a donku?

There are some fish you can't catch with a regular fishing rod. Then donk comes to the rescue - a special fishing pole designed for fishing that swims closer to the bottom. Many novice anglers would like to try out this method of fishing, but first you need to figure out how to fish on the donkee, which we will talk about today.

How to catch the Donkey

Donka is an extremely convenient fishing rod for catching various fish. What does this fishing pole look like? Its standard length is 1.5-2.5 m. The part of the rod intended for feeding fish is pointed, a strong wooden or iron rod can be stuck in the butt for attaching to the shore. In order to facilitate fishing, they put out rings on the rod, tie up a bell, which with its sound will alert the fisherman about the prey.

For a particular fishing, you can choose different equipment: for example, for fishing at long distances, you can choose a long rod, and for fishing from rafts and embankments, it is also suitable for shorter fishing. To attract cautious fish, the rod can be made from red reed, iron bar or from whalebone.

The lines for the donkey are the same as for the usual float fishing rod.The weight should be chosen depending on the breed and the size of the desired fish. Often use flat loads (put on the fishing line), suspended (pyramid and weights), sliding (in the form of cartilage).

It is best to catch on the donk in the spring and autumn, when the water in the upper layers is cold or still not clean enough. In the summer, a lot of fish rises in the water column, and donke is not so effective.

Process of catching

It is very important to learn how to throw the hook in the right place. This is done by hand using different methods.

  1. Take the fishing line in the right hand, start to rotate the sinker vertically from itself, gradually making small jerks forward when the sinker is in the lower position. It is necessary to act very carefully, as the way is traumatic.
  2. Both hands will be needed: the left should be folded fishing lines, and the thumb and index fingers of the right hand should hold the end of the fishing line at the sinker or near the hook (approximately 70 cm from the sinker). With the sweeping and smooth movements of the right hand, you need to toss the line up at a 45-degree angle, while at the same time you should slightly toss and unwind the line in parallel with your left hand.The method is good, but it requires training, which is best done in the open without water.
  3. If you use a short fishing pole, then before casting the line, it must be folded into rings on the shore. Then you need to take one end of the line above the leash middle, index and thumb of the right hand, and udilnik located in his left hand. You can also just pick up the folded line with your left hand and cast it with your right hand. In order not to spoil anything, one should also smoothly and gradually cast the bait.
  4. When fishing with rings and coil, the throw is made in the same way as in the case of spinners at spinning. It is easier to throw when the sinker is tied to the end of the line.
  5. Casting can be done with a sling - a wooden stick with a length of 1 meter, at the one end of which a recess is made. In this recess you only need to position the sinker and, swinging a sling, throw as far as possible. Do not use your hand instead of sling - you can get hurt, and the sinker will not fly a long distance in any case.

Any cast must be made upstream. The hooking in the case of catching with a beater is made with a fishing line, which is taken in hand. If you use a rod, then you need to cut them.Weak hooking is needed for a peaceful small fish and when fishing at shallow depths. Strong hooking is necessary when the fish is predatory and large, and the fishing itself is carried out at a sufficiently large depth.

To improve the bite it is necessary to produce bait. You can do it this way: build a small bag from the net, put lure there, tighten it, attach it to the fishing line and throw it where the nozzle will be. If you catch fish in a river, then it is better to throw food above the donkey, as the water will wash the food out of the bag, following which the fish will stumble upon the nozzle.

How to catch specific fish on the donk

How to catch catfish on the donk?

Catfish loves to be located in deep pits. They are usually located on the turns of the rivers. You can also ask local anglers or explore the river yourself. The second most popular habitat for catfish is the area around the pit. First, you can put a few standard donocs in ordinary places, and you can settle yourself with a donkey for long-distance casting. Som is a heavy fish, and therefore check whether the donkey components are well secured so as not to lose prey and tackle. It is also worth remembering that catfish is a cautious fish,Therefore, in the process of catching you need to behave as quietly as possible, hide and not attract undue attention.

From the bait fit worms, shells, leeches. Older fish will enjoy fry, crayfish and frogs. The hook must be of high quality, large and strong. In general, all equipment must be strong enough and strong.

How to catch bream on donku?

For catching bream proper bait is needed. The bream itself must be sought in reservoirs with oozy and clay bottom, in steep places and in reservoirs with a calm flow. For bait suitable bloodworm, maggot, worm. Choose a powerful rod with a slow build. Try to throw the bait exactly where the bait is located.

How to catch a carp on a donk?

The line must be strong, its diameter - 0.5-0.8 mm. It is better to choose a braid of dark color. The load will suit a small and sliding. You can attach two hooks at a length of 15-20 cm. Hook - № 10-14. Steamed peas are suitable as a nozzle. The same peas can be used for bait or replace it with commercial corn. With the location of each donkey, you should immediately do a bait next to it, preferably on a large area (about 3 sq. M.).If you choose a specific donk for carp fishing, then it is better to take the "head up". Carp can be caught on sunflower oilcake, crackers and soaked bread.

The video, how to fish on the donk, will help you to better understand the process of fishing. You can find a video that tells how to catch on the donk as a whole, as well as a video that explains how to catch this or that fish on the donk.