How to catch a cat?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
March 25, 2013
How to catch a cat?

In the private sector, there are cases when an alien cat runs into a plot and steals small chickens, or just food from home, or food from another cat. What to do if someone else's cat considers your territory as his personal space, and your food as his property. In order to catch such a cat you need a special sophistication. This cat is cunning, intelligent and fast. How to catch a cat? He should set up a trap. The trap can be made in the form of a hole with thread, above which it is necessary to lay a flooring of leaves. Next, put the bait-food. Watch for the cat at the time when he usually comes to you. Having reached for food, the cat will fall into a hole, its paws will become entangled in threads and it will not be able to quickly escape. On that you will catch it. With this method, the cat will not suffer.

Own cat

How to catch your cat, consider a few options.

He urgently needs to catch, and he is hiding

“Ks-ks-ks!” - are you calling for a cat, but did he hide somewhere? No problem! The key places of your pet are always known:

  • under the sofa
  • behind the cupboard
  • under the table
  • in things.
  • in the washing machine (if it is open)

In this case, it is necessary to push the cat with a long stick or mop on one side of the ambush, and on the other, catch it! It is worth asking about the help of one or two households so that they surround all sorts of exits through which a cat can escape.

The cat does not come into the hands

If the cat is not given in the hands, most likely, he is nervous. Wait a couple of minutes, let him calm down and then, gently stroking, take him in your arms.

Cat Runs Away

If a cat runs away from you, let someone else catch it, a person closer to a cat. They, after all, like humans, also have feelings. Those more domestic cats may be afraid of strangers and go into arms only to their owners.

Homeless cats

How to catch a homeless wild cat that you want to make your pet.

It often happens that homeless cats are not given into the hands of people and at the sight of a person are instantly hidden from view. And what to do? How to catch cats who used to live in the wild? If you like the kitten so much, and you certainly want to get it. Most likely, you will have to gain the confidence of this homeless, but very proud animal. It is worth remembering that a homeless animal may be afraid of what you hurt him or you will mock him. Therefore, in fact, such a cat and does not go on his hands.Every day, on the way to work, you should start feeding him, calling to yourself, talking to him. As time passes, the cat will understand that you only want him good and will go into your hands. And after - will find a new home.