How to care for a fur coat?

Your cherished dream has finally come true - you have purchased a fur coat. Such an acquisition can be compared to buying a car. Similarly, it requires careful handling, proper care and storage. Sometimes she needs a "checkup" from a specialist. In this material, we will examine in detail the care of a mink coat at home. Follow the products from other fur should be similar to these recommendations. It must be remembered that if your purchase is really high quality, it will never lose its presentable appearance. In order for this to be so, it is necessary to know how to care for a fur coat, this will be discussed in our article.

Wet snow

In winter, quite often a situation occurs when the owner of a fur coat may get wet snow or even worse - under drizzling rain. Coming home, you must immediately engage in the rescue of the product and do bring it in order.

  • In no case should a fur coat be dried near a radiator, stove or air conditioner. And, of course, you can not dry it directly on the battery.Such actions lead to overdrying of the fur product, which entails further violation of the structure of the fur coat and loss of pile. Drying the fur coat should be on a hanger, at room temperature. In no case should this be done in the closet. The fur coat must "come to its senses" and take the necessary form. Strange as it may sound, but owners of fur coats say they have a soul, and that if you show a caring attitude to the product, it will serve faithfully for a long time and not become useless due to various weather problems. conditions.
  • After the fur has dried at room temperature, it should be combed in the direction of the pile, and after that - against. For these purposes, there is a special metal comb. It is impossible to use your own brush or comb for combing a fur coat under any circumstances. The care of a fur coat requires its individual items intended for fur. After the fur coat is combed, you need to smooth it with your hand and shake it. After these manipulations, a respectable appearance should return to the fur product.
  • In no case should we neglect such a procedure.whenever the fur coat gets wet. Otherwise, the fur can be huddled and no dry cleaning will be able to return the old fresh look to the fur coat.
  • If the fur coat is soaked heavily, then a professional furrier can help in this situation. You need to not be lazy and take the product to him, otherwise you can lose the coat at all.

How to sew a button

A fur coat, as well as any other product, can have a button off. You should not get upset because of this, you just need to remember that you need to sew a button on a fur product in compliance with some simple rules.

For this you will need thread number 60-80. Between a button and fur you will need to lay a small shred of suede or natural leather, thereby fixing the button. Between the button and a piece of leather, you must leave a leg, the length of which should be 2-3mm. This should be done so that the button can enter the loop freely.

How to store

Fur owners often wonder why their mink coat has turned yellow. Care for her in the spring and summer was probably wrong. Rather, it was stored, not observing the elementary rules. Before sending a fur coat to rest, it should be well dried, put in order, if it is necessary to carry it to a specialist or dry-cleaner.Keep it in a blue linen bag or in blue paper. They are sold in special stores or fur stores.

Moth protection

Mole is another problem faced by owners of fur coats. Protection against it is included in the mandatory list of measures that require care for a fur coat. Even if the cleaning in the closet is done regularly, it will not save from the invasion of moths. Insects can and, at first unnoticed by the hostess, feed on fur. To protect against moths, you can put a special moth pill in a case with a fur coat or use folk remedies: geranium leaves, orange peels or tobacco.

Fur cleaning

It should be extremely neat with fur cleaning. Previously, this procedure was done independently using alcohol solutions, gasoline, vinegar and other mixtures. Do not engage in amateur. This should be entrusted to specialists from dry cleaning. If the house cleaning is unsuccessful, the consequences may be irreversible, and the fur coat will lose its presentable appearance forever.

To make the fur shine even more, you can lightly grease it with glycerin. This procedure is done in the same way as shine is applied to the hair.In palms you need to grind a small amount of glycerin and distribute it with light movements on the pile.

Some more tips

  • Do not use naphthalene or cedar balls for fur care. They give such a corrosive and unpleasant smell that it is almost impossible to get rid of it later. If you properly treat the care of a fur coat, then the use of these tools will not be needed.
  • Do not carry a bag on the shoulder strap with a fur coat. This will adversely affect the product, a place in the shoulder area may be frayed, and later, in general, a bald patch may appear.
  • To clean the fur coat is required to give once a year, at least. Specialists will “condition” the fur product, fasten the fasteners and buttons. If necessary, it will be repaired, the fur coat will be checked for integrity, as sometimes the hostess herself can not notice the small holes. Will alter the specialist and the lining, if necessary, or just put it in order. If during the socks any defect of the product is noticed, you should immediately contact the master and make repairs.

You have learned how to follow the coat.Also care and Mouton fur coat. If you treat fur products carefully, apply all the measures necessary for this, then they will serve you for a long time and please you.