How to calm a person?

In our life there are various unpleasant and even tragic situations. And man, first of all, is a social being. Therefore, support is the easiest and most accessible to find in your surroundings. Sometimes the hands fall on what is unclear what to do, how to help a person. Psychologists say that when a person is in any altered emotional state, you first need to calm him down. So, how to calm a person?

In order to help a person calm down, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • No need to be intrusive. If you see that a person needs to calm down, do not immediately rush and help him. When he needs your help, you will notice it yourself.
  • No need to put pressure on a person. Try to be as cautious as possible when asking him about troubles, because the condition can be exacerbated by unnecessary exposure.
  • No need to teach and give instructions. The man himself knows what and how he will be better. Your advice should not be in the nature of teachings.
  • You can not compare the problem of man with others.Each of us has its own characteristics and character. If for someone the problem seems trivial, then for another it may be the end of the world.

How to calm a person in a difficult situation

So, if a person is not in a state of emotional explosion and is ready to talk, you can calm him down in the following way:

  1. Ask the person to tell about what happened. It is important to listen to him carefully and not interrupt. You can not be silent, so nod your head, insert rare words into the dialogue. If the conversation does not go, ask clarifying questions.
  2. Be patient and resilient. You can not be offended by a person if he is rude, swearing, even insulting you. It is important to understand that all emotions are directed not at you, but at the problem.
  3. Give the person as much time as he needs. In no case can not rush the narrator.
  4. Ask him about how you can help him. You do not need to immediately offer your options, sometimes the person will ask you to do something.
  5. Try to support a person. Some need a friendly hug, others need a walk in the open air. Support him as you can.

How to calm a person in an extreme situation

If an extreme situation happened, and there are no specialists who can help, then you will have to reassure the person yourself. There are two types of reactions in stressful conditions - an emotional storm (when a person reacts sharply, shouts, curses, cries, etc.) and an emotional stupor (when a person cannot say anything; looks at one point; does not make contact).

If he screams and swears, you need to emotionally speak with him until the person is tired. Sometimes you can hug a person tightly and hold him until he stops reacting sharply. Only then try to calm down as it was described above.

If a person is in a state of stupor, then you need to "revive" him. To do this, you can shake his shoulders, pour cold water, tweak. And only then reassure.

For many people, the difficulty arises in how to calm a person with words. Psychologists advise that you need to carefully monitor what you say. Moreover, you need to follow the words and emotions. You can not swear and be angry at the person. Need to say specific facts, diluted with soothing words. It is also important that the person responded to your words.To do this, you can ask questions like, "Do you agree?", "Do you hear me?", "What do you think about this?".