How to call the park?

April 19, 2015
How to call the park?

In each city there are parks for different purposes. They already got their name, and people know them well. But what to do when a new park appeared, and the name was not invented for it? Today it has become a practice to announce a competition for the best name of the park. This attracts residents of the city or region. Knowledgeable people advise when choosing a name to consider the purpose of the park. After all, it can have a sports orientation or be created specifically for children.

What to look for

In any case, before answering the question of what to call the park, experts recommend to listen to some advice.

  • It is not advisable to call the park in the name of famous prominent figures from various regions. If you still want to name the park in honor of someone, it is better to choose the name of the one who lived in this place and left a significant mark for the city.
  • You should not use fairly common names that everyone knows about. It is trite and can only alienate people.
  • If the city is big and there are already several parks in it, you can pick a name,which will help people to better navigate on the spot. This may be the name of the district or street;
  • If there is a monument or a monument in the park, you can display in its name the name of the one in whose honor it was erected.

These are only general recommendations that are worth paying attention to. Therefore, you can take a piece of paper and write on it what is famous for the city in which you live, what is characteristic of it and whether it has distinctive features. The names themselves will come, and from several options you can choose for yourself the best. For example, "Oak Grove", "Seven Fountains", "Chamomile expanses", "Ancient lanterns", "One hundred and one poplar", etc.

If the park was created for children, you can resort to using a fairy tale. For example, the park called “Visiting Winnie the Pooh”, “Karabas-Barabas” or “Fairy Cave Ali Baba” will attract children.