How to call to China?

Andrey Semykin
Andrey Semykin
August 2, 2012
How to call to China?

China includes a pair of special administrative regions with its international dialing codes - these are the former colonies of Hong Kong and Macao. Therefore, the person asking how to call to China is to clarify exactly where he wants to call. But let's talk about the whole procedure in order:

Access to the international line

In Russia, this requires dialing 8-10, for cell phones using the "+".

Code of the country

  • Hong Kong 852
  • Macau 853
  • Mainland China 86

City codes

  • Beijing 10
  • Guangzhou 20
  • Shanghai 21
  • Tianjin 22
  • Shenzhen 755
  • Harbin 451

For example, for a call to Shenzhen dial 8-10-86 755 xxxx xxxx, to Hong Kong - 8-10-852 xxxxx xxxx.

When calling a cell phone in mainland China, you only need to dial the country code, the city code is not required in this case.

For example, 8-10-86 130 хххх хххх (130 is the code of the mobile operator China Unicom).

In Hong Kong, eight-digit cellular numbers, as well as city numbers.