How to call a procedure

You will need
  • - Editor for Delphi.
Open the program you usually use to program in Delphi. You can also use a regular notepad, but the task is greatly simplified by the presence of a special editor, selected in accordance with the programming functions. Enter the specified conditions in the editor in full.
In the code you write, write a keyword that will be responsible for starting a particular function, enter its name, attach text with the input parameters specific to it. At registration of a code, naturally, brackets are used. Be sure to check the names of functions and do not make any errors in them, because otherwise it simply will not work.
Often there are problems when working with the Delphi programming language, in particular, this refers to the initial stages of its use, so take the time to gain practical skills as much as possible.This is especially true of those who were not previously familiar with the Pascal language, from which Delphi was formed a few years ago into an autonomously existing language. There is a lot of literature on this topic, the theoretical part of this issue should also be given some time. The problem is that most books are written for experienced programmers who find it easy to understand the philosophy of the language the first time. Try to find on the shelves of bookstores Neil Rubenking's book “Delphi for Dummies”, in which the programming process in this language is described most clearly.
If during programming you often doubt or do not know how to implement this or that action, register on special thematic portals for timely receipt of help and answers to your questions.