How to call a fish?

Galina Uneasy
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How to call a fish?

Aquarium fish are the same pets as dogs and cats. And it is not surprising that many people try to give the names of the fish in order to somehow personalize them.

Giving the name of a fish, it is worth looking at its appearance. If the fish is striped, you can call it Polosatik or Sailor, if it is orange, then you can call it Ryzhik. You can name the fish in honor of your favorite actor, singer or athlete. In this case, your idol will always be with you. I wonder if Schumacher or Stallone will swim in the aquarium.

You might think about how to call the fish so that it would be fun and funny. For such a case, the name Piranyushka, Herring under a fur coat, Taranka or the Talker will be relevant. You can also observe the behavior of the fish and decide on the name: the fish can be Shustrik, and maybe the Lennychik. Deciding how to call a goldfish, you can remember fairy tales and associations. Interesting is the name of the goldfish Djinn, Hottabych or Fairy - heroes who fulfill desires.

If the fantasy is not so good, you can contact your friends for help, they will tell you a funny name. You can also search the forums of aquarium fish lovers, there certainly will advise you something suitable and original.