How to buy an apartment in Krasnodar?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
February 22, 2013
How to buy an apartment in Krasnodar?

Buying your own apartment is the dream of millions of modern Russians. However, before buying a home, you should examine the market for the proposed real estate and conclude where it is more profitable, more convenient and cheaper to buy an apartment. Consider how to buy an apartment in Krasnodar without intermediaries and not regret it. First of all, we need to analyze the real estate market.

Analysis of new housing

The most expensive apartments in the field of new construction are multi-room. The approximate price of one square meter is 48,700 rubles at the end of 2012. Behind them are three-room apartments, which cost 40,079 rubles and one-room 36,662 rubles per square meter. If to compare with last year's prices, the cost of housing remained at the same level.

In terms of the amount of housing offered, it can be said that one-room apartments are the most liquid, as they are offered for sale the most - 64.3% of the total number of offers.Buy a one-room apartment in Krasnodar is most profitable, because it can be used both for housing and as a source of income (rent).

Next come two-room apartments, the number of which is 26.6% and three-room apartments - 8.4%. As for the multi-room, they are in last place - 0.7%.

The amount of one square meter of new buildings is significantly affected by the material from which the building is made. The highest price was found in the apartments, the walls of which were made of blocks. Cheaper houses are made of bricks. Also, the area in which the house was built has a huge impact on the cost. On average, one square meter of new buildings in Krasnodar was 46,804 rubles. Depending on the area and the area, the price varies from 15,734 to 121,528 rubles.

Secondary housing analysis

Considering the secondary housing market, it is also possible to reveal a certain regularity. Here, one-room apartments are also the most salable - 42.9% of the total, followed by two-room apartments - 33.9%, three-room apartments - 19.4%, and in the last place are multi-room 3.8%. Buy a secondary apartment in Krasnodar is best without intermediaries.However, in this case, you save money, you lose a lot of time. Therefore, before making such a crucial step, think three times. The average cost per square meter of secondary housing is 47,274 rubles. It is at this price that you can buy an apartment in Krasnodar without intermediaries. You can also search for suitable options for you on the Internet.

If you like increased comfort, we advise you to buy a studio apartment in Krasnodar. The cost of one square meter of such apartments starts from 63 thousand rubles. It all depends on the location and quality of repair. Such offers are usually sporadic and are sold primarily through intermediary organizations.