How to buy a cottage?

"Fashion" on country houses exists among all segments of the population. Someone acquires a country house in order to engage in growing crops, while others are going to just use it for recreation. But in this and in another case, when buying a country house, you need to take into account a number of important points, you need to know by what criteria to choose a cottage, and how to prepare a package of documents for processing a purchase and sale transaction. If you decide to buy yourself a small "suburban residence", then be sure to find out how to buy a cottage and what important aspects should be taken into account.

How to choose a cottage

Of course, when choosing a dacha, first of all you should pay attention to transport accessibility. If you have a car, then you need to evaluate the quality of the road, on which you have to get to your summer cottage. If you have to travel by public transport, then carefully study what transport will be available to reach the summer cottage: a bus or an electric train. Be sure to pay attention to the distance between the bus stop and your future cottage.If your plans include a year-round visit to a summer house, then it is best to buy a house in a village or village, but not in a garden partnership. The latter option is good only for farming. Then you should pay attention to the configuration of the site in the plan. It should be borne in mind that it is not always possible to produce any buildings without violating the fire and architectural standards. In addition, the location of the summer cottage or garden plot relative to the surrounding area is of great importance. It is undesirable that the site was located in a lowland, on a slope, and also near busy roads, high-voltage power lines and railway tracks. If you are interested in how to buy a country house for a normal price, it should be noted that communication is essential when assessing the cost. However, you need to pay attention to the fact that in gardening partnerships, as a rule, the light supply is carried out according to a schedule, there is no gas supply and sewage system, and the water supply works only in summer. For these reasons, garden plots have a much lower estimated cost compared to village houses.For many buyers, the determining factors may be the neighborhood, as well as the possibility of registering on the site. And the primary factor in choosing a dacha is exactly a good neighborhood. The presence of aggressive and noisy neighbors - the reason for the refusal to buy even give your dream. It is necessary to understand that such neighbors can spoil living in the country, even the most picky person.

Documents to the cottage

If you decide to find out how to buy a cottage, then you should definitely find out what documents may be needed for this. Any garden house or suburban area is a real estate object that should be registered. And this means that it is impossible to acquire a summer house according to the “garden book”, since it is a membership card of a member of a gardening partnership, but not a document confirming the ownership of buildings and land. In order to conclude a sale and purchase transaction for the suburban area, the following documents will be required: - drawn up in a simple written form or a notarized purchase and sale agreement - cadastral passports of the house and the plot - certificates of entitlementownership of buildings and land - consent of the buyer’s spouse to purchase - consent of the seller’s spouse for sale - power of attorney, in the case of representation of interests by a trustee - civilian passports of the parties - extract from USRR, which confirms the absence of any restrictions, claims and encumbrances on the object - certificates from drug and psycho-neurological dispensaries. It is worth noting that, as a rule, when making a transaction, only: - evidence of title to buildings and land - common passports of the parties - drawn up in simple written form or notarized purchase and sale agreement As for the rest of the documents, at the moment they are necessary to insure the purity of the transaction. They can also be required for notarization of a contract by a notary as well as by a realtor when making a deal with the involvement of a third party.

Registration of sale

What to do next? How to arrange the sale of villas? Further registration is carried out in the territorial body of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cartography and Cadastre by registering the transfer of ownership.The term of registration of ownership varies from two weeks to one month. As a rule, the transfer of funds occurs even before the delivery of documents for registration in the department of the Registration Service. It is worth noting that there are several ways of transferring money: in cash through a bank cell, in cash from hand to hand, by wire transfer through a letter of credit and bank transfer.

Finally, upon completion of the transaction and after the termination of the re-registration of the land plot, you will become the owner of your own summer cottage, but do not forget to also renew the contracts for the connection of electricity, water and garbage collection (if any).