How to build a sofa?

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How to build a sofa?

Any interior design presupposes the presence of upholstered furniture - a sofa, a bed, and armchairs. It is believed that the sofa should be located exclusively in the living room, but today there are many types of sofas, which differ in functionality and can be an ornament to absolutely any room. It remains only to choose a sofa for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, office and even a balcony.

Happy owners of new furniture are often interested in the question of how to assemble a sofa with their own hands. Usually this process does not require special skills and knowledge. Traditionally, all sofas come complete with instructions, which describe in detail the mechanism for assembling the sofa.

General recommendations for the assembly of the sofa

  1. First you need to check the sofa set and read the instructions. Then decompose and unpack all parts of the sofa.
  2. It is most convenient to place the details of the sofa as they should be in finished form - put the back against the wall, and the sidewalls of the sofa, if they are available - on the sides. The seat should be placed on the floor.
  3. If the sofa has legs or decorative metal inserts at the bottom, they should be attached first. After assembly, the finished sofa will be very heavy, and turning the base in order to attach legs or other parts will be problematic.
  4. Next, you should attach the attachment to the base of the sofa. To do this, you must fasten them with bolts, aligning the holes as shown in the assembly instructions.
  5. After the fasteners have been installed, it is necessary to attach the back to the base.
  6. The final stage will be mounting the sides of the sofa.

How to assemble a sofa bed

The seat, draw-out mechanism, support for the drawer-base, soft backs and accessories usually come with the sofa bed.

  1. At first it is necessary to assemble the drawer-base of the sofa.Sofa
  2. After assembly, you need to install decorative panels on the drawer and attach the withdrawable mechanism. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and consistently attach the details of the mechanism.
  3. After installing the withdrawable mechanism, you must install the seat on the base with studs and nuts.
  4. Then you need to install the sidewall of the sofa and back.

Some sofas have a special cover that is mounted on the back of the back after assembly. It usually has a zipper or velcro for easy attachment. This case protects the back of the sofa from damage and significantly increases its service life.

What to do with old furniture?

If the furniture looks worn out, you can sew the cover on the sofa, which will give the furniture a neat look, and also help to slightly change the interior of the room.