How to build a cottage?

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How to build a cottage?

Many of us dream of our country house. Some, deciding on this, resort to the help of professional builders and pay huge money for their work. But sometimes there are those who decide to build a cottage on their own. This article is for such people. So:

How to build a cottage with your own hands?

For a start, I would like to note that the construction of a house is a very serious event that requires a lot of preparation. Literally in a couple of stages, you can describe what needs to be done before construction:

  1. Work planning;
  2. Creation of the project of constructions (houses including);
  3. Adaptation of the project on the ground;
  4. Estimated work;
  5. Direct construction facilities.

You can’t do without the first four stages if you want to build a really nice house. In this article we will not be able to illuminate them completely, so we will focus our attention directly on the construction, that is, at the last stage of work.To build a cottage with your own hands, you need (it will be about how to build a 2-storey tent house):


Take the size of our house. It will be 4.5 m in length, and 4 m in width. The foundation must be poured, given that the width of the foundation tape will be 250-300 mm. Do not forget that in the foundation of the building it is necessary to provide a place for mortgage bolts. It will be necessary to fix the transverse bars with a diameter of 150-200 mm, which will be the base of the floor of the first floor, as well as fixation for the rafters.

First floor:

In our case, the best fit boards for rafters 150-200 mm wide. It should be noted that they can be planed on one side (no external planing is necessary). Attach the lower ends of the rafters to the lower transverse bars using two steel strips bent at an angle of 90about, well, the top connect with each other in the skate. Speaking of steel connecting strips, we mean the following dimensions: width 40-50 mm, thickness 3-4 mm, length 500-600 mm.

Second floor:

When building the second floor, you need to remember that you first need to install the ceiling bars. Before this, make sure that the rafters are tightly connected in the ridge. The ceiling bars must be attached to the rafters with nails and steel corners.Only after that the installation of the second floor floor boards begins.

The front and rear rafters must be installed flush at the front and rear of the foundation. After installing the rafters, they need to be temporarily fixed. This can be done using small wooden bars. Now you need to attach to the rafters of the roof boards. They need to be trimmed on the inside, and their edges to process "a quarter". The outer side of the boards will be covered with roofing felt, so planing it is not necessary. The inside of the roof boards can be treated with wood stain or burned with a blowtorch. However, this is not necessary.

Additional recommendations:

How to build a cottage, we figured it out. But there are a couple of small, but important details that cannot be missed. Remember that the floors of the first and second floors, as well as the ceiling of the second floor are laid simultaneously with the roof. As for the outer surface of the roof, it is best to use three layers of coating: 2 layers of roofing material, and on top glass fiber, which can be attached to the roofing material with the help of BMK (glue bitumen mastic).Well, from the outside you can use the same mastic, adding aluminum powder to it. As a result, we will get a roof that perfectly reflects the sun's rays, which will positively affect your comfort in the summer holiday season. The gables of the house must be covered with two layers of boards, laying a ruberoid between the layers.

The interior of the house can be made of different materials, whether it be boards, chipboard or the most common plywood. In addition, you can build a small balcony. In this case, special attention should be paid to the balcony floor. It must be waterproof. To do this, as a coating is best to use a solid piece of linoleum. The edge of the linoleum at one end is attached to the wall cladding, and the other end is performed in the overlap on the outer gable of the first floor.

Processing boards:

For the construction of the above-described suburban house boards-rafters must be bent. It’s not easy to build a cottage yourself, so you need to take care of building materials in advance. The easiest way to handle the board immediately after the sawmill. They need to be cut and trimmed while they are raw.It is necessary to dry the boards under a large weight load in order to give a curved shape. To do this, build a strong structure, which will hold the board. The space below them should be empty. Boards are laid out in 2 layers on the goats. They need to install 3 barrels of water in a horizontal position. In order to distribute the load on the board evenly, empty boxes should be installed between the barrels.

A little bit about the finish:

It should be noted that the paint, processing and design of a country house can be anything. When choosing a color, you need to remember that wood itself has a very beautiful texture and often does not need any additional attributes. Curtain gables are usually recommended to be covered with liquid lubricating oil. This must be done in dry weather, almost immediately, until the tree has darkened. As for the stove, it is unlikely to be needed in such a house, since it is designed for a summer stay. In cold weather, an electric fire in the guest room and a gas burner in the kitchen will help.

Building a dacha with your own hands is not easy and requires good preparation.Therefore, before construction, it is necessary to get sufficiently detailed advice from people who are engaged in the construction of such structures professionally. In addition, in no case should we forget about safety on the construction of your house. All work is best done in special clothes, gloves and with the help of good, reliable tools. Do not hesitate to resort to the help of your relatives and friends, as it is not easy to cope with such a project alone.