How to bring a design project to life correctly?

Each person was originally inspired by the desire for beauty and comfort. And this desire is manifested in everything that surrounds him, especially in the environment in which he has to spend most of his life. Over the centuries, various aesthetic preferences have evolved, which, in turn, have formed certain styles. Today, each person is particularly pronounced individuality and in accordance with this is the design of the surrounding space. But for this it is not enough to have only one idea. For its best implementation, it will require very subtle knowledge and skills in the field of space organization, which are owned only by professional designers.

Today, it is possible to order a design project in a specialized design studio. The most important and first step in this matter, of course, is your idea. Perhaps it seems to you is still not very clear, abstract, without a detailed drawing of all the elements.But this is not at all scary, on the contrary, when contacting a professional design studio, competent designers, sensitive designers, develop and refine your idea.

The main stages of the design project development and its implementation:

  • First of all, the designer needs to create a general idea of ​​taste preferences, nature, lifestyle, hobbies and hobbies of all family members. This is important for the most rational organization of space in terms of functionality and aesthetic design.
  • The idea should be presented visually and for this, based on the data obtained, sketches of future interiors are developed, in which the main style preferences are expressed, furniture is arranged, textiles and other interior details are depicted. It also takes into account the technical and technological features of the repair process and interior design. These sketches serve as the basis for further project development in functional, technological and aesthetic areas.
  • An equally important step is the exact geometric mapping of the space, which includes a detailed measurement of the room taking into account the features of all external factors and its schematic fixing to scale on paper.On the basis of these data, the working drawings of the project are developed, which include a plan for structural changes to the room, a plan for controlling and organizing lighting, a sectional view, a sweep of each wall indicating external and quality features, a layout for outlets and switches, marking openings and doors, layout furniture, etc.

Throughout the process of implementing the design project, author's supervision is implemented. Each stage and element of the interior (decoration materials, furniture, textiles, decorations) are carefully coordinated with the customer.