How to brew beer at home - 4 recipes

Some store beer does not like. They like to brew beer at home. Brewing involved companies and enterprises. On the shelves of stores found the widest range of brands and varieties. People adore this drink.

Beer is a low alcohol beverage with a bitter aftertaste and hop aroma. This is the first drink created by alcoholic fermentation. The ancient Sumerians, who lived 9,000 years ago, brewed a drink from barley malt. According to the assumptions, the predecessor appeared in the Stone Age. In those days, people made it by fermenting cereals.

Today, home brewing is popular, because home-made drink tastes better than purchased one.

I'll tell you about the intricacies of cooking at home. Guided by the tips, you prepare meals in the kitchen. The main thing to take the necessary ingredients: brewer's yeast, malt, hops and water.

Some buy special hops, I use homemade.At my country house grows "female" hops, which I collect and harvest. Hops ripen in August. The collected raw materials are dried and crushed.

Malt represents germinated grains of wheat, barley or rye. I use barley. I make beer from grain or malt extract. Growing malt is not easy, I buy in the store.

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Classic recipe

For the preparation of beer, a capacious vessel for wort, a fermentation tank, a thermometer, a hydro-doser, a wooden spoon, a siphon tube and, of course, bottles with corks are required.
  1. I pour three liters of water into the pan, add a kilogram of sugar, mix and bring to a boil. Capacity with malt extract is placed in heated water for 15 minutes.
  2. Upon completion of the procedure, I pour malt extract and sugar syrup into the fermentation vessels. I mix.
  3. I pour 20 liters of pre-filtered water into this vessel. The main thing is that the temperature of the solution is suitable for fermentation. It's 20 degrees.
  4. Add the yeast. The procedure is very responsible, the quality of home-made drink depends on the quality of fermentation of the wort. Brewer's yeast is sold along with malt extract.
  5. Yeast poured into a container with a wort evenly and as quickly as possible. The future drink is not recommended for a long time to contact with the air.
  6. I tightly close the lid for fermentation so that air does not get inside. After I install the hydraulic dozer - a rubber stopper covering a hole in the lid. In the device I pour cold boiled water.
  7. I move the closed vessel to a dark room with a temperature of 20 degrees. I last for a week. During fermentation, I do not open the lid.
  8. After the specified time, bottled and add hops - natural flavoring. In each bottle I put a few hop cones, and only after I fill the bottles.
  9. In each bottle I add sugar at the rate of two teaspoons per 1 liter. After the bottle I cork, shake and leave in a cool place for 14 days for ripening.
  10. At the end of this period, the home made foam is suitable for consumption.

If you are tired of store beer or do not trust modern manufacturers, use my recipe. By the way, you can serve a glass of homemade beer to guests as a New Year's gift.

The recipe for boiling beer from hops

The taste of home beer will surprise, because it differs from the purchased one, the home has a different level of quality.

  • yeast - 50 gr.
  • boiling water - 10 liters
  • dry hops - 100 gr.
  • sugar - 600 gr.
  • treacle - 200 gr.
  • a little flour
  1. Hop grind with flour and sugar.
  2. I pour out the mixture in a bowl with 10 liters of boiling water, mix and insist for three hours.
  3. I filter the liquid and pour it into the barrel. Here I add the yeast with molasses and mix.
  4. Leave to wander. Not more than three days.
  5. After pouring in clean bottles and cork.
  6. It remains to send the beer in a cold place for one week for ripening.

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How to make beer from bread

European monks began to brew beer in the 12th century. Later, their Russian colleagues borrowed the technology of preparation. For a long time in our country, home brewing was forbidden, but with the advent of democracy, everyone had such an opportunity.

I will consider two time-tested ways of making home-made beer, and you, having chosen the convenient option, prepare a wonderful nectar.

Cooking is divided into 3 stages: cooking, fermentation and ripening.

You can buy a mini-brewery and a special beer must in order to simplify the procedure of cooking.



  • sugar - 200 gr.
  • Malt - 400 gr.
  • crackers - 800 gr.
  • hops - 200 gr.
  • yeast - 35 gr.
  • water - 13 liters
  • peppercorns
  1. In a large bowl I mix 100 grams of sugar, 400 grams of malt and twice as many crackers.
  2. I pour boiling water over two hundred grams of dry hop and add a few peas of pepper.
  3. In 6 liters of warm water, I dilute 35 grams of yeast and add a mixture of pepper and hops. I mix.
  4. I leave the container with the obtained gruel in a warm room for a day. I do not cover with a cover. Then add 100 grams of sugar and pour in 4 liters of warm water.
  5. I put the dishes on a small fire and cook for 4 hours. Boil should not.
  6. The next day I repeat the cooking. After draining the liquid, add 3 liters of boiled water to the slurry.
  7. After 60 minutes, the liquid is again drained and added to the first decoction. Then boil the wort, remove the foam and filter.
  8. Bottled and corked tightly. Two weeks of aging in a cool place and homemade beer is ready.

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Instant homemade beer



  • Malt - 200 gr.
  • hops - 200 gr.
  • yeast - 35 gr.
  • water - 10 liters
  1. I mix two hundred grams of grated hops with a similar amount of ground malt. The resulting mixture poured into a bag of flax.
  2. Through the bag in a large container I pour boiling water in a thin stream. The thick in the bag mix, filter and cool 10 liters of solution.
  3. In a container with a solution, add 35 grams of yeast diluted in warm water. Leave to wander for two days.
  4. After the yeast will sink to the bottom. Homemade beer bottled and corked.
  5. Bottles sent to the fridge for 4 days.

Own home brewery

Now you can make a drink at home. You made sure that it does not require special equipment. With what to drink it, decide for yourself.