How to behave?

The culture of a particular person can be judged by his behavior in a public place. A well-bred person is distinguished by: delicacy and attentiveness; politeness and tact; conversation in a low voice; courtesy and goodwill; lack of sharp movements, grimaces and gestures. It is necessary to sort out in more detail how to behave correctly in one place or another.

How to behave in the store

The main rules when visiting a store are as follows:

  • Before you enter the store, you must skip the people leaving it;
  • In the case when there are pregnant women, the elderly or the disabled, you need to skip them forward;
  • It is forbidden to take animals to the store;
  • You can not enter the store with ice cream, drinks and a lit cigarette.

Visiting the store, men do not have to take off their hats. However, if they linger there for a conversation with the seller or the manager, then take off his hat, hat or cap is necessary. After making a purchase, you should thank the seller for their assistance.In the case when the goods did not fit the buyer, you need to return them with a proper explanation. When there is a line in the store, each customer is obliged to comply with it.

How to behave with people on the street

  • Politeness and courtesy on the street is primarily manifested in the desire to give way and not push each other. Men, young people and teenagers should help older people and senior citizens carry heavy bags or get on the bus.
  • You must follow the rules of movement prescribed for pedestrians. According to them, on the sidewalk should walk on the right side. When you go with a large company of acquaintances or friends, you need to make sure that you do not block the left half of the sidewalk, which is intended for oncoming passersby. While driving on a narrow sidewalk, a well-mannered man must give way to a woman or an elderly person.
  • In addition, on the street it is indecent to sneeze loudly, blow your nose and yawn. If someone sneezed, the educated person needs to pretend not to notice it. On the street, it is also not customary to laugh loudly, sing, shout.
  • A well-educated and cultured person should not throw garbage on the sidewalk or flower beds.For these purposes, you need to use special bins.
  • If you stepped on someone’s leg or pushed, you must immediately apologize, thereby showing your good manners.
  • In the case when there is a need to go through a crowd of people standing on the sidewalk or escalator, you should use such words as “let me”, “with your permission”, “please”.

How to behave in transport

The main points of behavior in transport include the following points:

  • Entering the subway, trolley bus, tram or bus, you must give the opportunity to go to other people;
  • No need to linger at the door, you should immediately go to the salon;
  • Older people, people with disabilities, pregnant women and young mothers with children must give way;
  • If you lost the place in the transport, you need to thank for it;
  • It is forbidden to take items with you into the transport that may stain other people.
  • If a person is sick with any infectious disease, then it is mandatory to wear a special protective mask so as not to endanger other passengers.
  • When driving in a car, the driver should not be distracted by extraneous conversations.If only one passenger gets into the car, he needs to take the back seat to the right. In the case of a long journey ahead, it is allowed to sit in the front seat in order to follow the road.
  • When traveling in a train, it is necessary to say hello to all passengers and take your seat according to the ticket purchased. If you are going to have a night journey in a train, then when getting ready for bed, passengers should agree among themselves on the order in which they will change clothes, getting ready for bed.

How to behave in a movie or theater

Visiting a theater or a movie, you must observe the following simple rules of etiquette:

  • In the wardrobe, a man should help his companion to remove outerwear, pass it into the wardrobe and leave a number at home. A man must first enter a concert, theater or cinema hall, and a woman must go out. If two pairs are included, then one man must first go, followed by two women and the second one after them. Just in the same order should sit down.
  • In the case when you have to disturb the seated when leaving the room, you need to apologize. Pass in relation to the seated should face.A man should go first, lower the seat of the chair and help his companion to sit down. As a rule, a man should sit on the left hand of the lady.
  • If your seats were on the balcony, then you should not hang on his barrier purse, binoculars and put the program. They need to be held in their hands.
  • In the case when you are late, you must enter the hall silently and take the first empty seat.
  • During the performance, one should not hold conversations, rustle with something or comment aloud the actor's mistakes.
  • The best thanks to the actors are sincere applause. However, they should not interrupt the music being played.
  • During the intermission, passing by strollers, you should not look too closely at them and loudly comment on outfits so as not to hear the following phrase: Behaves like a child! When you visit the theater with a satellite, you should not leave it alone for a long time. During the intermission, you can go to the buffet, but you should not eat in the lobby and especially in the hall.
  • After the end of the concert or performance, you do not need to run to the cloakroom in advance, you should wait until the curtain falls.

How to behave at work on the first working day

  • At the new job, the first day is always very exciting, because you have to meet new people and learn a lot. At the same time, I want to show my best and make a good impression. To do this, follow these guidelines.
  • First of all, you should pay special attention to your clothes. One must be done in a business style. Appearance must necessarily correspond to the image of a serious employee. In this case, the best option would be to wear a formal suit. Women should avoid miniskirts, as well as too deep cuts. Men do not need to wear too bright shirts and colorful ties.
  • It should be punctual and not be late for work. Your punctuality will definitely notice that it is to spoil your reputation. It should be noted that the new route may take more time than you expect, so you should leave the house in advance.
  • Reflecting on how to behave in a new job, remember that you must always be friendly and smiling towards your colleagues. You must behave politely and not show your excitement.If you notice that one of your colleagues is not doing the best job, you should not point this out. It is better to postpone the ideas of optimizing the workflow for some time.
  • At lunchtime, you can chat with colleagues. Do not hesitate to start a conversation. You can start a conversation with a discussion of various working moments, and then smoothly transfer the conversation and tell a little about yourself.
  • After the working day is over, you should not linger in your place for more than 15 minutes: it’s impossible to get up to date in one day.