How to become well-groomed?

The concepts of beauty and grooming go hand in hand: the beauty gives nature, and every girl can become well-groomed. A truly well-groomed girl is confident in herself, has a sense of self-esteem, others consider her very beautiful. At the same time, a beautiful by nature, but an unkempt woman leaves an unpleasant impression of herself ... So how to become well-groomed? Let's announce several main commandments of well-groomed women!

Care from the roots of the hair to the tips of the nails. You should make it a rule to care for yourself in a complex and daily manner, without losing a single detail! Agree, the type of gnawed nails, split ends or forgotten overgrown eyebrows can ruin the whole impression of you, even if everything else is perfect.

Cause - time ...

Yes, in order to become a well-groomed woman, you need to forget the word "laziness", "apathy" and Sunday lying on the couch. Beauty requires not only "victims", but also time. If you really have a free minute, it is better to spend it for the benefit of beauty!

Always on the top!

A well-groomed woman remains always like this, not only at work and at a party, but also at home. This does not mean that you need, opening your eyes in the morning, run to erect a tower on your head or arm yourself with brushes and brushes. Neat, tidy look - no uncombed hair, stained clothes, external untidy!

Sense of taste and style.

If this “feeling” is absent, you need to develop it: read the literature, leaf through fashion magazines, listen to the advice of experienced stylists. Learn to properly match the texture, fabric and color. Work on your own individual image and style. Teach yourself to buy high-quality, stylish things, though rarely, but accurately. Let your wardrobe be of three sets, but what kind! Advice from fashion expert Evelina Khromtchenko will help you choose a basic wardrobe, and additional accessories will allow you to always look in a new way!

And now for the specific rules.

First rule

Healthy clean skin. A well-groomed girl has a perfectly even skin tone. She knows her skin type and builds a care program based on her features. If you do not know what tools to choose, ask for help from a professional beautician.Always wash off cosmetics before bedtime with special products (lotion, make-up remover milk). Use a suitable foundation that will hide minor defects, beautify the face, but make sure that there is no “mask” effect. Be careful with tanning, bronzonatami and tanning: tan should be natural and in harmony with your appearance.

Rule two

Shiny, soft hair. Whatever hair you have - thick or liquid, docile or not, they should always look luxurious. Luxurious hair - clean, soft (from root to tip), laid in a hairstyle. To achieve the effect of beautiful and shiny hair, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive products. Regularly make homemade masks: with the help of oils, kefir, eggs, etc. All of them bring tremendous effect without material costs. Do not save on the services of a hairdresser, find "your" master, who will be able to find you a beautiful haircut. A well-groomed girl does not allow unsuccessful experiments with her appearance, including unsuccessful hair dyeing. It is better to consult and entrust this matter to a specialist.Blonde with regrown dark roots can never claim to be a well-groomed girl! Change the image, make different hairstyles: romantic wavy curls, smooth straight or retro-nachos. But do not forget about your whole look as a whole: the outfit, hairstyle and accessories should be in harmony.

Rule Three

Body care. Do peeling, nourish, moisturize the skin of the body. Watch your figure. You can combine business with pleasure - to do dancing, swimming or other active sport. The effect will be for the soul and body! Using clothes, emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws.

Are you still asking how to become beautiful and well-groomed? Right! Do not forget about the important details:

  1. Always a neat manicure and pedicure. If you want to increase the nails, it is better not to excel in colors: a classic French manicure is always in place and looks decent!
  2. Eyebrows - corrected, the correct form decorate and rejuvenate the face. Naturalness and neglect are incompatible concepts!
  3. Time to do hair removal.
  4. Make-up should be appropriate, competent, with properly placed accents.Focus on the most beautiful features of the face. If the eyes are painted brightly, it is enough to apply a transparent gloss on the lips. "Bright" should never flow into "vulgar"! Experiment at home, learn and strive for perfection!

I hope our recommendations on how to become a well-groomed girl, will become for you a guide to action !! Be well-groomed and beautiful woman!