How to become educated?

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How to become educated?

Many believe that in order to be a wise person, you need to be educated. But often education in the classical sense (school, university, etc.) becomes insufficient. And then we think about how to become an educated person yourself. Of course, all this is subjective, but you can identify several important actions that you should strive for.

To become educated, you need

  1. Read annually about 50 or more books.
  2. Pay attention to the study of foreign languages (at least two).
  3. Know the brief information about each country in the world (capital, official language, currency, state structure, brief information about culture).
  4. To be guided in the main historical events of the world and the country.
  5. Understand the styles of art.
  6. To master the basic skills of working with a personal computer.
  7. Regularly read the news.
  8. Understand the local flora and fauna.
  9. To be able to solve scanwords / crosswords from beginning to end.
  10. Know about the great achievements of mankind.
  11. Understand and know the basics of world religions.
  12. To have information on the main points of the basic laws of the state.
  13. Regularly expand your vocabulary.
  14. Know the basics of physical processes.
  15. Understand the anatomy and physiology of man.