How to become a man?

Man is called the tip of perfection of nature. However, not everyone can be called the crown of the creation of mother nature, since his actions are violated by the norms and morals of society.

Let's talk about how to become a real, good person and consider the inherent qualities in more detail.

How to become a real person: tips

Kindness and sincerity

To become a man with a capital letter, you need to be kind and sincere, as well as to deal with others as you would like them to do with you. Of course, in modern society, the qualities described above can sometimes interfere, but you should try to develop them in yourself. For example, you can help a colleague with a project simply because you have free time without relying on it. If you do it all the time, then soon you will be treated differently. However, you should not allow colleagues to dump their work on you - you will not achieve anything with it, so choose a middle ground.

Try to be sincere with others. This does not mean that everyone should only tell the truth head on.After all, if a person does not like it, then you can simply move away from him, without hurting him and not saying hurtful words. However, you can call him to a frank conversation and, having picked up the right words, tell him what should be changed in his behavior. Perhaps he will listen to you and change for the better. We must try to gently convey the truth to the person.

Relationship to others

A person with a capital letter has a special relationship to the world. He does not condemn others, but tries to change the situation on his own. He does more than he says, tries to make the people around him happy, and does not take the time to please them. This does not mean that he gives everyone expensive gifts and pays for travel to hot countries. Not necessarily. He will always support a person in a difficult moment with his advice, deed. He will tell the anecdote to the place, smile, embrace, listen and offer good advice.

Show kindness in trifles, just like that, and not only in relation to family and friends, because we love them anyway, but also in relation to strangers: help your grandmother to cross the road, give trifles to a beggar, etc.


A man with a capital letter to the whole world with love.He does not divide those around him and events exclusively into black and white, he accepts them as they are. He treats everything with love and respect, trying to make others pleasant. When such a person enters the room, people notice that with his arrival it becomes better. In general, they are right, because the heart of such a person fills the feeling of love and he is ready to share his joy with the rest. For this reason they come to him for help, advice, and just to talk, because it is pleasant for people to be in his company. They are charged with the energy of this person, they feel an emotional lift.


A man with a capital letter is involved in charity projects. Many people think that they will not be able to become such a person, because they do not have the means to do so. However, in order to do good deeds, it is not at all necessary to possess enormous means. For example, you can transfer a small amount of money to an orphanage or nursing home account. If you have a poor family living near you, you can buy presents for children on various holidays, treat them with their own pastries and so on. They will be very grateful to you, because you support them.Perhaps for you this will be insignificant, but for them you will become a wizard or a fairy from a fairy tale.

Do not pass by various charity events. Go to a rally against violence or terrorism, plant trees along with activists. This will draw attention to the problems that exist in society.

Openness to new

The “big man” always strives for something new, he does not reject innovations, on the contrary, he tries to understand and accept them. Moreover, he himself is an innovator in several areas. First of all, he does it for other people, not for himself. It is very important for him that people be happy. He can point people to the right decisions, give good advice, you just need to listen to them. He does not force him to follow his path, he simply shows that there are other roads that will lead to happiness. Of course, you need to have enough experience and wisdom. And it takes time to gain these qualities.

It will not be possible to quickly become a person with a capital letter; here you need hard work. Begin to correct a little, set yourself tasks and goals for each day and follow them. Over time, you will notice how you have changed for the better.