How to become a manager?

Manager - a profession that requires commitment. We will tell you about how to become a good manager and about everything connected with it. Also in this article we will talk about how to become a manager in the field of PR, tourism and trade, we will give the main advice on where to get an education, and what qualities you need to have. Let's start the story with the most popular manager today.

Sales Manager

In the 90s, we needed brisk young people who could sell both cosmetics and cars with aluminum. They were taken for everything that is possible, indiscriminately. Now there are other times, and employers want to see a specialist, which means you need to know a certain service sector, navigate it, be a specialist of a certain profile and devote yourself to this type of sales. So, how to become a sales manager?

It all starts with education. Employers of the organization of the average level will take and those with secondary special education. In a large company will give preference to an experienced person, with experience in the field of sales from one to two years.If you are going to build a career in this direction and devote yourself to the profession seriously and for a long time, then you just need a specialized education.

The best option for a career is to get a universal management education in the specialty “organization management”. Such an education will be useful both for a beginner sales person and for a future manager. Higher education institutions that are considered the best in this field:

  • MSU (Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov)
  • Moscow State University of International Relations
  • High School of Economics
  • Financial Academy under the Government of Moscow
  • SUM (State University of Management)
  • Institute of International Economic Relations

You can continue training at trainings, special courses or MBA programs. In this case, it is desirable to choose programs related to the profile of exactly the company in which you want to work.

To move up the career ladder, the manager will need various additional knowledge, including foreign language skills.

PR manager

How to become a pr-manager? The main qualities of a good PR-manager are sociability, mobility and goodwill. The advantage of this profession is that, having the necessary personal qualities and knowledge, you can successfully and quickly make a career. This work is creative and interesting. Now a lot of institutions of higher education train such specialists. Knowledge of humanities is required.

The work of a PR manager is not only creativity and creativity, but also a lot of routine work, too. These may include various issues, such as constant daily tracking of the number of references to a brand or company in the media, regular technical issues with an Internet resource, and writing a huge number of analytical reports.

How to become a tourism manager

To do this, it is desirable to have a higher education, and almost no matter what. However, there is always a chance to find a company that will be taken into and without a higher education - especially if you have suitable personal qualities. Experience is usually not required, but if it is, you can qualify for the best place.It is desirable to know more or less geography, you need to know computer and office equipment. The specificity of the work is such that you most likely need knowledge of foreign languages, at least - English.

The preferred age of candidates for tourism managers is 20-45 years. The tidy appearance also matters (as in principle and in any other area of ​​work interacting with clients).

Remember that work in the tourism business is seasonal. In the summer, the amount of work increases, by winter it is significantly reduced, which, of course, affects wages. You must be a stress-resistant person, have knowledge of those countries in the direction of which the travel company works.

How to become a top manager

The program, which is able to bring you precisely to the level of top management, is an MBA. Graduates of Western business schools greatly improve existing positions and salary levels. The American and European systems differ, and much depends on the country. It is important to remember that this program has been created for potential "top managers", that is, people who have the necessary personal qualities, skills, knowledge, successes, therefore admission requirements may be very tough.

So how to become a successful manager? It is necessary to have a whole set of personal qualities that will help to conduct business in this field of business, have a higher education and always be focused on improving the result. Practical experience, as well as various additional education courses, will mean a lot. This profession is very difficult, because it is inextricably linked with the constant dynamics of a changing world, and therefore requires constant growth and self-development from employees. Now you know how to become a manager.