How to become a doctor?

To become a good doctor, you need to have the eye of a falcon, the hands of a girl, the wisdom of a snake and the heart of a lion. So said the father of medicine, the great Hippocrates. What qualities are necessary for a good doctor: an analytical mind and quick reaction, observation, intuition, responsibility, emotional stability. The most important thing is that the future physician should have a vocation for medicine, for mastering which knowledge of several subjects is required: chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics. And if you have to work with complex medical equipment, then you need technical knowledge.

The profession of a doctor requires long preparation - six years of study, and one or two years of serious practice. Practice under the supervision of experienced colleagues - in residency, internship. Medical science is developing, you will have to constantly improve your skills, learn newer methods of treatment.

How to become a doctor, where to study, get practice, how to get a job - it depends on medical specialization. Consider two professions - a military doctor and a cosmetologist.

How to become a military doctor

The first four years you can study in a regular medical school, and after the fourth year transfer to another university where there is a military medical faculty. The leading educational institution is the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. A military doctor’s diploma is the same as everyone else, but military doctors are studying more thoroughly military field therapy, surgery, toxicology, radiology — subjects needed by the military. The training practice of cadets is conducted at the duty stations, in the units and institutions of the Russian Army. A military doctor is a soldier with a higher education. If you have chosen this profession, you should be ready to work in the conditions of military operations, armed conflicts, or in distant garrisons. Typically, the representatives of this profession are under contract and earn a good pension.

How to become a cosmetologist

A cosmetologist or dermatologist and cosmetologist, aesthetist in the Western manner is perhaps the most popular specialty in the field of medicine. And the most elite doctor in this field is a plastic surgeon. It is necessary to understand the difference between a cosmetologist and a cosmetologist.To get the profession of beautician, there is an opportunity to graduate from short-term specialized courses or college. The career of a cosmetologist begins with obtaining a higher medical education in the specialty "medical business". Doctors cosmetologists are trained in the largest medical institutions of cosmetology, at the Institute of Beauty, at the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology, at the departments of the largest medical universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok. However, there are thorns here: after graduation, it is required to work two years in the specialty. That is, the cosmetologist is the second profession. You can be allowed to work as a cosmetologist only after accreditation, in a special commission under a licensing committee.

The cosmetologist can work in beauty salons, in the field of cosmetology in research institutes, in the Research Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and in private clinics.

The demand for doctors in the labor market is stable, even for a beginning specialist, employment will not cause problems. Salary depends on the specific place of work and on professionalism.So, in order to become a good doctor, you need to study well and hard. Love the profession, their patients. A good doctor should treat people, not their illness.