How to become a cheater?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
November 17, 2014
How to become a cheater?

Cheating in computer games is a dishonest, cunning way of playing the game. But, on the other hand, very useful. A cheater is a person who knows special codes with the help of which you can artificially increase the amount of resources or money in a game, open secret passages or secret buildings. It can be anything, depending on what kind of game. "Cheer" can be in any game.

Let's look at how to do it. Where to find the cherished codes and how to use them. In a word, how to become a cheater?

The concepts of "cheat code" and "cheater"

The word “cheat” itself, which is the root of all our concepts, is borrowed from the English language: “cheat” is to deceive, cheat. Therefore, a cheater is a cheat in a game, and a cheat code is a cheat tool, a word or a combination of letters and numbers, which are entered into a program and thus change the usual rules of the game.

Most often these codes are used for:

  1. passing difficult levels of the game;
  2. add resources;
  3. other advantages in the game over other players.

Game administrators carefully monitor cheaters, since all “illegal” actions within the game are punishable. This provides for a user agreement that we read before installing a game on a computer or registering with any online game.

For cheating, most often take the most severe penalties - blocking or deleting a user account from the server. If the violation was minor, administrators can simply restrict access to the game and account for a while (like a few minutes or hours, or a few days or even more).

Instructions for cheaters

To become a cheater, you will need:

  1. User account of any game or the game itself, if you play on your computer.
  2. Cheating program or just a set of codes.

It is worth noting that cheat programs often contain viruses that can harm your system, so you need to carefully watch the program reviews, first read what they say, and then download and install.

Cheats for various games can be downloaded on the following sites:

If on these sites you could not find the codes for your game, do not despair. There are a lot of sites with cheat codes. Also, such codes can be found in various forums. The code search is quite simple:

  • open any browser you use;
  • Download the search page;
  • enter in the search bar: "cheat codes for the game" the name of your game "." The service will find many pages with useful information. It remains only to download the necessary data and use them as intended.