How to become a brunette?

Alena Mizintseva
Alena Mizintseva
May 31, 2012
How to become a brunette?

Brunettes are people with black or dark brown hair. It is believed that most people on the planet are brunettes. If you are now not a brunette or a brunette, and decided to change your hair color, then you need to take into account some points.

First of all, you should be ready for radical changes if you have always had blond hair or highlights before. Are you ready for such a turn? After all, hair is an important part of appearance and sometimes image.

Black color is part of different images - from the gothic queen to the glamorous brunette. However, an incorrectly chosen dark color can create a false image that will not suit you at all. How to become a brunette? First of all, you should:

  • Carefully approach the choice of shade, not forgetting to take into account the color of your hair today. Stylists do not advise to resort to a black ash shade, as in most cases it looks unnatural. And in general, you need to carefully choose the shades of black, as it has its own characteristics.
  • Do not forget about your type and skin color - not everyone will go black. If your skin is completely pale, then with black you only need a gothic party - it will look quite normal there.
  • You have decided on the color (shade), then you should choose the manufacturer of paint. It all depends on you: paints vary in quality and, accordingly, in price. Moreover, in some lines of colors may not be the desired shade. Therefore, carefully choose the paint to fit all parameters.

Now it only remains to follow the instructions to get the desired result!

Do not forget that a radical change in hair color also leads to innovations in the wardrobe. Are you sure that all your outfits today will fit the new color?

Being a brunette is now very popular. More and more people choose dark hair color and combine it with glamorous style in clothes. How to become a glamorous brunette?

  1. Of course, to begin to repaint the hair in the desired color.
  2. Choose a fashionable hairstyle (for example, straight hair of any length).
  3. Create a glamorous image in clothes and voila - glamorous brunette is ready!